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This is a comment SNAPPLE just left on my blog for those of you who would like to hear from an FBI supporter’s take on the whole Anna Mae Aquash story. My response is below his.

On August 12, 2009 at 5:24 am Snapple Said:


Richard Two Elk has made a video that describes some things that happened when the AIM attacked the people at Wounded Knee.

I think you should hear his side instead of just listening to a woman who may be closely associated with the people who conspired in some crimes.

I have a number of posts about Two Elk, but you might want to see his new video.

The introduction of the Trimbach’s book is written by Mr. Two Elk. He writes about child abuse and alcoholism in the introduction. This book is based on Indian sources because it is Indians who witnessed the crimes or who were the victims.

I linked it on this post.

I think you are believing the lies that the criminals who killed Indians, FBI agents, and some young women and men at Wounded Knee told.

You write about abuse of women and children, but young women and girls were sexually assaulted and murdered during the take-over.

The lawyer for the AIM, Mark Lane, got money from the KGB. He was also the lawyer for the 900 people at Jonestown who were murdered. Mark Lane says he managed to escape that day. Only a few people weren’t poisoned or shot. Then Mark Lane–the AIMster lawyer who got money from the KGB–wrote a book that claimed the CIA killed those people.

Mark Lane got money from the Soviet KGB to make trouble and to discredit American security agencies like the FBI and CIA. We know this because a KGB archivist defected to the British with many years of notes he took on the documents in the KGB foreign intelligence archives.


You must not have read my posts or comments to James Simon very well. I do not just listen to Monica Charles…she merely suggested a book to read….I have been reading THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks. I got hung up on the Jancita Eagle Deer story and wrote several posts about her. What do you think about Jancita Eagle Deer? Do you see her as just another lying drunk Indian woman who “got” what she asked for?

I in no way, shape or form support ANYONE who has raped or abused women or children…David Seals has spoken out against AIM leaders who treated women poorly…as has Monica Charles. (look up my posts on  Bernard Red Cherries. I have a victims statement from his step daughter on my blog. A fellow blogger was threatened by Autonomous AIM Where is the FBI??) The point is Snapple, you and James Simon  unconditionaly support those who who have either ignored or partaken in the abuse of women. As Monica Charles once wrote I see the law enforcement as public servants sworn to uphold the laws of the United States(she just plain mistrusts them). The FBI should have been protecting the rights of Native Americans and not just  those of the colonizers.

I am not mired in opinion of one side over the other. I do not blindly support the AIM or the FBI. The only people I blindly support are the victims…and not the ones crying over the loss of their material possesions at Wounded KneeII

My sympathies and prayers go to the children like MaryAnn Little Bear and Jancita Eagle Deer…and the countless others who did not seem to warrant the FBI’s attention in the terms of a thorough investigation. That bothers me more than the Anna Mae Aquash murder…Anna Mae Aquash was a woman who made it to adulthood and made her decision to be involved in activities that may or may not get her killed…she felt that what she was doing was right and good. I do not agree with nor do I condemn her actions…She was caught up in something that became beyond her control. However I do not hold AIM to higher standards than I hold the FBI.The only law enforcement agent that looks to be a hero in all of this is U.S.Marshal Colburn…he’s good looking too!

My concept of my history has been pulled out from under me with this Indian stuff…totally blows me away at 43? My attitudes toward law enforcement and the government has changed considerably not because they made mistakes or did stupid things or even because they plotted to exterminate Indians but because they continue to support the wrong minded thinking in 2009. 2009 ! ! ! (kind of like the racism we are seeing with the election of Obama) They refuse to recognize, take responsibility and hold accountable those who did not enforce the laws that they were sworn to uphold. AIM was a group of protestors that got out of hand…the FBI is a government agency who only investigated crimes on Pine Ridge and other reservations when it suited their racist, paranoid beliefs.

As for Richard ‘Two Elks….have you ever read alt.native??? This is what the FBI supports??? Seriously???? All any jury would have to read is a copy of him making fun of a woman who was sexually abused by her father that pretty much negates what he claims to be consern and support for Native women. I own a copy of AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA  and I will get around to reading it. But being endorsed by Richard Two Elks and Bill Janklow….you guys are starting off on the wrong foot with me.

I am trying to finish THE UNQUIET GRAVE and it is difficult…they are in Oregon traveling with dynamite….It’s hard to read but this is not something that I can even discuss with you because you are 100 percent in support of genocide. I can’t even get James Simon to acknowledge that the government  was stearilizing Indian women in the sixties. His avoidance of the topic makes me believe that he thinks that these were the right actions…that Indian women are less than human. What about you SNAPPLE….do you unconditionally support all actions by the United States???

A few more things why do you hide behind the name SNAPPLE?

Why are the FBI supporters so concerned about Monica Charles sex life? That really bothers me..why is that thrown around? Do you hold women to differnet standards? Is there any proof of her having sex with Dennis Banks? She says she didn’t….and if she did why bring it up like she is a whore? How many women or men have you been with??? Why aren’t the sex lives of the FBI agents under attack or investigated or commented about?

Get that video of Richard Two Elks on youtube and I will put it on my blog and make it a whole post!

Oh and I haven’t heard of any young women being murdered at Wounded Knee….but with all I have been stuffing in my head…did I gloss over it?

I look forward to hearing your response.



This is what is wrong with America….here is Mr. Simon’s comment on my AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA post.

Janklow went to jail for his crimes. The AIM leaders, however, have evaded justice in the premeditated murder of Anna Mae Aquash, and possibly several others. Thank you for proving our point that ignorance abounds when discussing the AIM legacy.

Are you freaking out of your mind??? He served a mere 100 days in a county facility! Premeditated murder? The trial has not even started yet…and from what I understand it was little more than a kangaroo court. Why has it taken 30 years? Once again why do you already pronounce John Graham and Richard Marshall guilty?

There’s a kid in a YCF that is serving five years and has to be moved to OSP for a few of those years when he turns 18 ….not to mention the restitution he has to work and pay off when he gets out. He doesn’t get to go out and perform “community service” or what ever nonsense Bill Jankow was allowed to do.

You sent me a link about the “real” victims of Wounded Knee….yeah I’m sure it is bad….what have YOU and the FBI agents that were there done for those families….60 families over 30 something years…they should all be taken care of by now. Seriously tell me all about how you have helped them…You would be in held in much greater esteem. What did Bill Jankow do for those families when he was governor? Are the proceeds of AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA going to help those families? Did the Governor at the time declare Wounded Knee a disaster and plea for Federal dollars to help the families rebuild.

What about those rape charges you seem to have no problem proclaiming John Graham guilty before trial….more double standards??? Is it o.k. in your mind that the son of a bitch never went to trial. Does it not make you sick to your stomach at the thought of that happening to one of your young female relatives?

The people you admire astound me… Bill Janklow is no G.Gordon Liddy. Liddy had to serve about 4 years for for burglary and wiretapping but he served 4 years and has no regrets he admits everything he did..believes in everything he did. I don’t have to agree with him but you gotta have respect for a guy who doesn’t whine and takes responsibility for his actions.

You and people of your ilk are what make this country less than honorable…One can be proud of their country and ashamed of their government.

The difference between you and I is that I see AIM for what it is the good the bad and the ugly. I do not admire the men in AIM who committed crimes against women, violence against other humans…. I do admire the intention before it went awry.

I also see the FBI for what it is the good the bad the ugly the oppressor. I do not admire as you do corrupt law enforcement. I despise them a thousand times more than the worst of AIM. What you purport is that the FBI is above the law- you are wrong. They should be held to the highest of standards as should our politicians, and military.

I cannot spend anymore time on you…. it is like having a conversation with one of those dolls that repeats prerecorded sayings when you pull on its string..not an original thought between the ears.

(Try watching some of those COINTELPRO videos I have on the side you just might learn something)


Excerpts are in italics and  from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks..

James Simon I was disappointed to see that you had no comments…I hope you answer this question as I have been reading THE NFIC NARRATIVE OF ANNIE MAE AQUASH & LEONARD PELTIER. Is this the time line that you find most accurate? If so I have a lot of question…I have only read the first three intstallments but already there seems to be as you would say a lot of window dressing…I was expecting a more professional timeline there seems to be a lot of heresay…is that going to be allowed in the trial?? I also found it quite interesting that they advertise that even Steve Hendricks validated one of thier findings….so Steve Hendricks apparently is a reputable source when convenient! That was too damn funny!

From what I understand there are several theories about all of this and I doubt that I will even form an opinion of who is guilty until I have heard all of the testimony. And even then??? I don’t know…. It’s a shame that it cannot be solved by DNA..

The opinion I have formed so far is that there was either incredible incompetency in the FBI or a cover up. There seems to be a lot of lying. Lying is a symptom. But of what???

On to Anna Mae…

…agents in Rapid City cabled Washington that there was “no indication of fowl (sic)play.”…the same cable  assigned the  case the title “Possible Manslaughter”.

The agents did not change the title of the case after Dr.Brown’s autopsy and still more incredibly after Aquash’s burial.

…agents did not know about Brown’s exposure finding until eight days later.

The four agents who went to the autopsy were so uninterested in its outcome that neither then nor over the next week did they bother to ask what Jane Doe had died of. Only after the FBI learned that the dead and buried woman was Aquash did they ask what Dr.Brown had found.

Agent Wood swore to all of this before the judge who ordered Aquash exhumed.

…an FBI cable released under the Freedom of Information Act(where is that?) says otherwise….

…the FBI knew of Brown’s exposure at some unidentified point…before they learned her identity.

Wood……swore in court that Brown told him in their chat that during his autopsy he had seen “an obvious injury…a small contusion on the head.” Brown…said exactly the opposite in his autopsy report and on every other occasion that he was asked about the autopsy.

February 25 (newspapers) had quoted FBI agents saying there was no hint of foul play,

…March 4 quoted Wood saying there had been a big hint of foul play.

….a few weeks later, the FBI reversed course again-dropping Wood’s claim of the obvious injury and resurrecting the original claim of no hint of violence.

To be continued with Finger Prints….


Excerpts are from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Stephen Hendricks

For your amusement. are the comments on part Anna Mae 5 from alt.native.

I made a PUBLIC APOLOGY TO JAMES SIMON this morning and he in return apologized to me.

Here is his response,

Apology accepted. Hope you similarly forgive for calling your ignorance nearly intolerable. I mean, really, admitting that “So far I have not gotten to any AIM issues just FBI agents who keep changing stories!” is a little bit like Wall Street brokers who buy on a hot stock tip, sell it to the masses, and decide to do the research later. “AIM issues?” YGBSM! News flash: The two books which apparently color your judgment, Unquiet Grave and Loudhawk,(LT If you had gotten to me first and I was posting about AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA you would think I was well researched! What part of I will get to it do you not understand??) are absolutely ripped to shreds in American Indian Mafia. And rightly so, to the great applause of nearly every Indian I know. You’ve got a long way to go, baby, so please post(LT Once again why do my posts bother you so much?) when you have something more sensible to contribute than Monica’s distortions. As my mother used to say, if your smarts are up for debate, better to keep your mouth shut than to remove all doubt. My Indian friend would add that fronting for shameless aiders and abettors like Hendricks and Stern is highly offensive to Indian Country!(LT Is that your way of calling me a sock puppet too?)

And here is mine:

Apology accepted.
My smarts are not up for debate..unlike you I admit to knowing nothing and I believe on several occasions I have publicly stated that. I would like people to do their own research…

Once again why do you hold the FBI to such a lower standard than you do AIM…if the story AIM told kept changing you would be all over it! Seriously I want to know is it selective judgments? reading…ideology?? People whose stories change generally get slaughtered in a court of law.

As for Monica’s distortions you are being general, need to be more specific and probably take that up with her.

You see when I e-mail Monica a question she answers me….you look like you are avoiding me. Monica has often responded to my queries when I have a different take on something with ” Maybe you are right”…or “I could be wrong”… She has her opinions and does not resent me challenging her in a respectful sane manner.

btw what does YGBSM mean?

For some reason when I posted the apology someone at alt.native took this statement,

My apologies to James Simon for suggesting that he should change his name to “Simple”. I want to make a bunch of excuses but I really can’t!!! I don’t want to end up like the FBI or those “rebuilding” alt.native.

and interpreted it as me accusing them of being FBI agents WHAT THE FUCK??? I am talking about  people who succumb to bad behavior (which we all do) then  make up excuses  to justify their bad behavior and Then use the justification as an  excuse  to justify that they were right so they don’t have to apologize. The two examples were in regard to the FBI that cannot admit that they are wrong when it comes to the Anna Mae autopsy (what have I been writing about???) and the people claiming to be “rebuilding” alt.native because Monica Charles calls people names, and then calling people names themselves. I am not even talking about people who commit to rebuilding  alt.native and DO NOT call people names!

Damn rabies epidemic I tell you!

James Simon or Snapple what about the UNQUIET GRAVE  is wrong so far? If you really care about my learning curve respond to the post of the day.

Now to Annie Mae’s story..

Zigrossi said only one FBI agent (…Donald Dealing) and gone to Roger Amiotte’s ranch….

Amiotte’s remembered Price and Wood by name.

A BIA officer also remembered Price-yet the officer’s boss, BIA police chief Ken Sayers, tried to claim the officer was not there. Sayers said only three BIA policemen went to the scene, but witnesses counted as many as six, including Sayers, who in turn denied he had been at Amiotte’s.

Price when questiond by  WCLDOC’s Ken Tilson says he wasn’t working that day and that he “doesn’t remember” if he was there.

Months later…

Zigrossi said that while only Agent Dealing had gone to Amiotte’s ranch on assignment, others might have gone “out of curiosity.”

To go Amiotte’s “out of curiosity” meant making a three-hour round -trip from either the town of Pine Ridge or Rapid City, where the agents were stationed.

Because of the lack of interest in Indian corpses, reporters thought it was odd for even one agent, let alone four, to go to Amiotte’s.

Zigrossi dismissed such talk as nonsense. He said that after two of his men were killed on the reservation in a shootout the year before, he dispatched agents to every unattended death to see if there might be a tie between the new corpse and the agent’s killers.

This was news to reporters.

To be continued tomorrow with CONFUSING SECTION ON THE FBI REPORTS!!!

I am also going to try to speed this up because I am only on page 12!!!


I made a comment the other day to my brother about having a lot of animosity towards men lately…he said he noticed and that I had been particularly hard on James Simon. I came to this conclusion on my own my brother would never bring it up on his own he is afraid of me…very afraid! (joke)

My apologies to James Simon for suggesting that he should change his name to “Simple”. I want to make a bunch of excuses but I really can’t!!! I don’t want to end up like the FBI or those “rebuilding” alt.native.

As for Snapple I swear I saw matching profiles somewhere on a Denver newspaper comment section … but I will take you at your word….GREAT NOW THERE ARE TWO OF YOU!!!


Who are you the FBI press corp or FBI groupies….I used to live in Virginia I know all about law enforcement groupies! Why are you so dedicated to the Anna Mae Aquash trial….INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!!!!

Your refusal to answer questions makes me suspicious of your motives and will soon get you ignored. You know one of my favorite quotes ever was from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE…

GOD HATES A COWARD Why are you so afraid to deal with the bigger questions? I can assure you a closer examination of the government will make America stronger not weaker as you must imagine….Kind of like seeing a shrink about your childhood…

THANK YOU READERS!!! There was quite a spike in traffic overnight which is unusual and for a Monday no less. It wasn’t because I wrote a new Anna Mae post….I had to work on one of my real jobs and finished very late! Although the Anna Mae posts get a considerable amount of traffic my posts on poetry and writings continue to rise. It is amazing how people keep discovering old posts. And some of the weird searches…Pictures of grandmother and grandfather fucking??? WTF??

There will be a new Anna Mae post tonight!

Thank you again!!!