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Stairs making me laugh this morning!!  Sort of like the stairs to enlightenment…travel upwards then sideways up again…then sideways…up…sideways….



I can barely stand it SKY…BRICKS…MORTAR…AND CEMENT NAILS!!!!



I always like to get away from the tourist sections of towns…I love the nitty gritty of life. It seems to me that one could do this with the spiritual life…there is a duality and one we view as good the other as bad but there is always the talk of this “middle” path where one doesn’t over react or judge what is before them. But I see the nittygritty the urban decay as beautiful and stunning…and that was not always the case.


I wonder if God sees the nitty gritty of the human heart as a beautiful creation…all to often we condemn the politicians…the criminals…those who offend us so greatly. Of course certain behaviors and offenses should carry a consequence either natural or imposed but along with forgiveness and recognition for each person no matter how unrecognizable it is to us

All too often this is mostly what we we recognize as beauty..


This sort of resembles me….my mindset in life….things that were built are being removed…the roof has come off the panes of glass long gone…but the walls still intact and the last to go…

The blog is going through many changes and most of the Native American issues will have a new home. This blog will house my art and more of my personal issues. This is a difficult time right now…my family has many issues that take precedence in life and my apologies for not posting regularly…it has been all I can do to get pictures up! Never mind scanning the new photos. I have had a nightmare dealing with HP in the last few months and have finally quit using it altogether. HP was causing many problems with my Vista and startup repair was necessary almost every morning. Now I am using Picasa which for the last three days has been a dream!!! And FAST!!! Being so traumatized by HP I am reluctant to start over organizing ….waiting for crashes….I have over a thousand photos on my computer….or I used to I recently did a great purging of bad photos…no reason at this point and as I get better and better I will be compelled to delete those that do not have personal meaning to me!

December is going to be a tough month to organize things the way I want them and I may have to resort to recycling some older posts as I did when I was on vacation!

I hope all of my readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your holidays are BLESSED  and filled with JOY and PEACE!!!

Falling away

Falling away

Falling away….