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SMITH ROCK STATE PARK 14 (mini trail markers)

This is such beautiful country!

I took the back way up to the parking lot and when I got to the top there were all of these little trail markers waiting to have their picture taken!

This last parking lot had about about two cars in it…This is quite a popular spot.

The end.



The bridge is back where I started ….

But instead of climbing the hill to my car I decided to check out the other side of the canyon for future reference.

I love charred wood…


The Crooked River running through the canyon the parking is above on the right…

Next time I go to Smith Rock I will go around this way…there aren’t as many people and its a little more wild looking!


As you can see I was quite enamored by all of the rock climbers…

and here is the Lady of Smith Rock…’scuse me while I kiss the sky….

I love the sagebrush in bloom…


The Crooked River runs along Smith Rock and that makes for such an interesting walk when you are tired of watching the rock climbers you can watch butterflies flitting along the creek. Its probably even more beautiful in the spring when the wild flowers have started to bloom!

SMITH ROCK STATE PARK 10 (Funeral for a caterpillar)

This is such a lovely trail to walk along and the sun is in the perfect position

This is opposite Smith Rock the other side of the canyon

Smith Rock is like a Cathedral and even more inspiring!

You can imagine the thousands of prayers that have been left on these rocks by those who are brave enough to climb them and by the friends, families and casual observers passing who silently offer prayers of safety.

I found this little caterpillar on the trail that had been partially crushed by a rock and someones foot….

I found him a nice resting place along the Crooked River…

yes! there’s still more to come…