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BLUE SKY (just in case anyone is forgetting!)



I don’t have a before photo but to get an idea the river side of the bridge support usually has homeless people camping under it…to keep from getting wet!



Well I ran over from Trader Joes and crossed a bridge where I saw this …

This is a neat sculpture outside the sports complex

At the bottom of each X  and O is an inspirational quote…I took photos of the ones that could be applied to everyone not just football….this was my favorite one!

Now if only certain CEO’S…politicians could absorb the next one….I


After two years of dreaming of Montana I may finally be moving and OOPS! I haven’t seen and done  all in Oregon that I wanted to.  With work and packing I don’t think I’ll have time to get too much of the list done. At the very top of my bucket list was visiting my childhood friend Cindy. She lives near Eugene and we met at Trader Joes where I took the snowflake ornament photo.

We had an early dinner and hung out. We had a great time and talked and talked its a wonder the restaurant didn’t throw us out! On the way to her house to meet her children we stopped at Market of Choice which was across the street from the new Matthew Knight Arena…an absolutely beautiful building! Even at night. I had to take a photo! It took awhile to get a photo without a line of cars and since I didn’t know how long my friend would be shopping I didn’t want to cross the street!

Now for my pet peeve….they spend millions of dollars on this beautiful arena…and stick some trees in front?? The word arena is covered up by the Christmas tree….and its not much of a Christmas tree. It is amazing to me that not one person working on this project has bothered to step back and get an overall view not just from this angle but from EVERY angle. Its too easy to be hyper-focused on the trees (figuratively speaking of course) and the first thing a designer should learn is to step back and look at the whole forest….it should be done on a daily basis…like a meditation.  Clear the mind and pretend like you just dropped down from the moon. That there is a crane out front should not be an excuse for the half-lit tree blocking the arena sign. People know a crane is for construction purposes…HURRY UP!!! LET’S BUILD A BEAUTIFUL ARENA THEN HIDE THE NAME WITH TREES….MAKE PEOPLE GUESS WHAT IT IS!…luckily the other tree has lost its leaves! Maybe they should build a brick wall around it too!

I have to interview in Portland next week so on my way back if I have time I’ll take more photos…It is really a beautiful building and University of Oregon has much to be proud of!

I usually don’t like to stay the night at peoples houses but Cindy and her children were so gracious and playful and I probably won’t see them again I wanted to catch up as much as I could I took lots of photos of the kids but I don’t like to put up pictures of other peoples children on my blog so….this is the only one out of the bunch of just Cindy telling me all about her property. She is most talented and has built and designed many of the structures herself! She is amazing of course now I regret not taking photos of her projects….

As always it was nice to see a patch of blue sky! I had a great time catching up and of course regret that I didn’t make the time earlier….my goal is to stop procrastinating so much next year!