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Monica J Charles

Anna Mae Aquash is the stuff of legends. She died in her prime under mysterious circumstances. She was only thirty years old and the mother of two small children. She was beautiful, smart and shined with promise. She was friends with the American Indian Movement leadership and the rank and file….CONTINUE STORY AT STELLAR HEALING

(The story of Anna Mae Aquash
Arlo Looking Cloud)

I don’t have words to name the anguish I have carried for Anna Mae, Arlo and John. Thirty years ago hope was a luminous butterfly breaking out of her cocoon in my heart. The days of the old movement, the 1970’s brought out the best in us, and the worst.

We flew to the sun and stole light at the occupation of Wounded Knee 1973 as our rag tag band of Indians yanked our history and destiny from the hands of the United States government. Wounded Knee had been synonymous with the death of our way of life. Close your eyes and you can see Big Foot and his people, frozen where they fell, shot by American soldiers…..CONTINUE THIS STORY AT STELLAR HEALING



WOW! Is this an example of our Federal dollars at work? Not sure who SNAPPLE is but since he came to my house uninvited supporting  Special Agent Joseph Trimbach. As a courtesy I put up a video that he thinks is relevant to the John Graham/Richard Marshall debacle trial. I think the trial is tearing apart Indian country but mostly the mainstream media does not report on it…another example of how the United States continues their ongoing history of racist beliefs and actions against the indigenous people population of this beautiful land.

Although I posted the video late last night with his name in caps he cannot seem to find it even though I also linked the post to his own blog LEGEND OF PINE RIDGE. Snapple is upset not  only because he thinks I did not put up Two Elks video but because he mistakenly  wrote on a previous post “the FBI is against Indians” He corrected himself but apparently he has no sense of humor. SNAPPLE claims I was making fun at his expense and that he is “older”…not sure what that means…at any rate he is an “older” person who quickly resorts to insults and tantrums when he thinks he has not gotten his way. On top of that I specifically told him that I would post it sometime…I was going to wait until the weekend but stayed up last night..

Mr. Snapple you need to read RULES FOR COMMENTING ON MY BLOG.

Here is one of several comments he left on my blog…I am responding in parenthesis

You are obviously a stupid little idiot who is not able to argue honestly if you choose to make something of an older person’s typing error. And lazy and dishonest not to post TWo Elk’s recent video.

I have given you the youtube link a few times.

Monica and Anna Mae both were both reportedly in a relationship to Dennis Banks, although he was married to Ka-Mook.(Noo….Monica Charles says she was not in a relationship with Dennis Banks and what is your source to such a claim? Do you just throw that stuff out there hoping a sex scandal will spice things up? You sound like the NATIONAL ENQUIRER!)

Monica’s brother (where do you get your information??? Do you think everybody with the last name of Charles is Monicas brother???) Norman was allegedly with Peltier when the FBI agents were shot.

Monica is pretty much at ground zero and spends a lot of time discrediting Indians such as Richard Two Elk and Ka-Mook, who have told the authorities what they witnessed so that there would be evidence to take to court.(Didn’t Ka-Mook get paid 49,000 for her testimony? She basically testified heresay and seven months later married one of the governments lead investigators in the  Anna Mae Aquash case. From what I understand Richard Two Elk’s testimony is so bad and he has put out so many conflicting stories that he is not taken too seriously on the stand….or by PBS.)

Here is something Two Elk said about what Dennis Banks ordered boys to do during the occupation:

“I was there, at Wounded Knee. At the age of 19, I backpacked weapons and supplies into the village with my AIM brothers. I remember it was near Easter, because that’s when our leader, Dennis Banks, ordered us to ‘take care’ of a young white guy, suspected of being an informant. We knew what that meant. We strung him up on a cross in a mock crucifixion, and beat him. After we took him down, they led him away and I don’t think he was ever heard from again.”(Richard Two Elk has apparently written several different versions of this incident…If this is true why have the FBI not prosecuted him for murder???)

Agnes Gildersleeve testified that Indian people were held in a church and threatened with guns. AIM took over a disabled man’s trailer and other people’s homes.

Agnes recounts:

“[AIM] took complete control of the telephone service and local residents were not permitted to answer any of the phones. When my phone would ring, an armed guard would immediately answer the phone and direct the call over to [disabled Wilber Reigert’s stolen] trailer house where Banks, Means, and Bellecourt were located…” (Trimbach p. 88) (The Gildersleeves were well known for taking advantage of Native Americans at their trading post…selling objects offensive to Native Americans. Here is Steve Hendricks talking about the Gildersleeves:

Tim Giago writes that I unfairly impugned the honor of the late Clive and Agnes Gildersleeve. The Gildersleeves owned the trading post at Wounded Knee, which was looted by militants who had seized the village to protest oppression on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and beyond. Sloppily lumping my book The Unquiet Grave with Peter Matthiessen’s In The Spirit of Crazy Horse, Giago writes, “In [the two books], you will read about a ‘white man’ and a woman often referred to as a ‘white woman,’ although Agnes Gildersleeve was an Ojibwa woman, who ‘ripped off’ the local Lakota people. This apparently justifies the attacks upon them and the destruction of their business.”

I did not write that Ms. Gildersleeve was white, did not use the words “ripped off” (though they are not far from the truth), and did not excuse the attack on them or their business. I did explain why many Indians hated the business:

“Its owners, the Gildersleeve and Czywczynski families, had strewn billboards for seventy-five miles that announced, SEE THE WOUNDED KNEE MASSACRE SITE, VISIT THE MASS GRAVE. POSTCARDS, CURIOS, DON’T MISS IT! The postcards showed slaughtered Indians, including Chief Big Foot, frozen in the 1890 snow. The traders enlivened their commerce with beadwork, quilts, and other curios bought low from Oglalas and sold high. A Catholic priest once watched Mrs. Czywczynski barter a beader to a stingy $3.50 for an exquisite work, then turn around and sell it for $12.00. The traders doubled as creditors, lending their Indian patrons $10 at humble interest of $2.25 a week. As village postmasters, they also offered a rudimentary auto-payment–opening the mail of customers who had run tabs, cashing their checks without asking, paying their bills at the post, and calling other shopkeepers across the reservation to see if debts were owed them too. There had been calls to boycott the post, but none had worked. The post was the only store for a dozen miles, and the many carless Oglalas of Wounded Knee had no choice but to buy groceries and other wares at its inflated prices. Years later Clive Gildersleeve was called to testify about his business practices, and he invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself ninety-nine times.”

Giago goes on to paint me as an apologist for the American Indian Movement, which led the Indian rights struggle of the 1970s. This is rank distortion. Mine was the first book to describe AIM’s secret killing inside Wounded Knee of an activist named Ray Robinson, and the book’s centerpiece was AIM’s infamous execution of Anna Mae Aquash two years later. As Giago well knows, I condemned AIM sharply for these and lesser brutalities, and more than one AIM leader has threatened me for my pains. What riles Giago is that I also praised AIM (the overwhelming majority of whose members were peaceful) for fighting oppression, and I denuded the oppressors, from small-timers like the Gildersleeves to big-timers like the FBI, the latter of which persistently goaded AIM to just the sort of violence it committed. In Indian Country, the haves like Giago have long fought to keep the have-nots in their place. It is one reason the have-nots are still so multitudinous.


I have posted on this before. I thought maybe it was something new…Richard Two Elk the man who wrote the forward to AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA also makes videos. This is being put up again for SNAPPLE who runs the THE LEGEND OF PINE RIDGE blog. After watching it again I still have the same opinion….after the video…

I have several problems with this video…Richard Two Elks supposedly owns and produces videos yet he doesn’t know not to wear a hat on camera…indoors either as far as I am concerned. I was raised that it is disrespectful. Another thing that bothers me is that Richard Two Elks never speaks confidently into the camera…he hides his face and is always looking down at a prepared statement he also mumbles and slurs. It was a bizarre video the first time I watched it and still is. Richard Two Elks was at Wounded Knee II he knows who everyone is and the history….I still get names confused…but I can tell you what I know and believe….looking you in the eye confident that I am true to my feelings and in my beliefs based on what I know…But as I said this might be a difference between whites and Indians?? I am not trying to be mean but the video lacks passion and conviction for the subject never mind that I do not agree with all that is in the video….

Because I have read many other things by Richard Two Elk….I have a hard time believing that these are his words…this is how Richard Two Elks usually writes in some weird voice. This is a comment to me for posting the SNAPPLE post on alt.native

so…why da hill ya postin it hear?…

not nuff room onyer Clog, i meanz…blog…?

please refrain from redundant posting of content which may be read
elsewhere, in it’s entirety, IF anyone should want…


and this

da mistake ya repeatedly recycle IS…ya seem to bleev we all wanna
play yer stoopid pre-adolescent games witya…
AxeUWally…we find sum sick entertainment in watchin you flop

pass dat Popcorn puleez…

and this from another post

if’n ya kickout 9 or 10 o yer C&Pz dat outta move yer last act o
IDIOCY off da Front Page anywhoz…

den ya kin maka neu face til Sizzle catch up witya N Cookya agin…

Dang…me Know ya Gotta B havin Bic Phun messin witus, eh?

Like I said it may be a difference between whites and Indians…but Monica Charles doesn’t speak like that…its weird like he has to create another  personality for???

I could be wrong but I was raised in a very conservative home and while I am quite liberal in my political views…I mostly carry quite conservative values and this man really bothers me…

One of the other things that bothers me about Richard Two Elks is that he admits to hanging a man on a cross and beating him…I know he was young but he was never charged by the FBI and speaks of the incident in the forward he  wrote(?) to Special Agent Joseph Trimabach’s book AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA. I am a huge believer that all laws should be for all people….while I may not be happy with the prison system in the United States…I believe that run correctly it should be a place where people are held accountable for their actions…I think it is a necessary step to healing all parties involved.I think that people either rise to the occasion or remain unable to confront the horror of what they have done and thus are never able to be totally free. I do not believe that informers involved in crimes should get lesser sentences than those they have informed on…I do think that it should be a consideration after remorseful behavior and parole is being considered. Richard Two Elk reminds me of someone who is not proud of who he has become.

There are a lot of accusations flung about on alt.native and I try not to pay attention to the ones that are just insults being flung around…there are a lot….one of the accusations being hurled around for awhile was that the “real victims” of  Wounded Knees were those whose homes were destroyed and that the occupiers of Wounded Knee should sew blankets. Some write like the people are living in cardboard boxes not with no blankets or food….Wounded Knee seems to be  a very emotional and sacred site, there was a movement of Indians who were being repressed by the government State and Federal….they thought quite mistakenly that a group of individuals with a few rifles were a match for for the United States government…and like Japan-they were wrong.

The appropriate response after Wounded Knee would have been for the governor at the time to declare an emergency ask for Federal money in order for the owners to rebuild….if this was not done? Shame should be on our government.

The video is very one sided and while Richard Two Elk claims PBS neglected to tell the  death of  a black supporter at Wounded Knee.. he fails to mention that he hung someone on a cross and beat them to death…this person has disappeared and apparently he changes his story…AIM took him….the FBI took him…??? This is a man who the FBI has chosen as their spokes person on AIM and Wounded Knee. Further more this video fails to mention the abuse and murder of Indian children on Pine Ridge…a little girls eye was shot out. Houses and cars were routinely shot up….even some of the lawyers for the occupiers were beaten.  A young woman named Jancita Eagle Deer was raped by the future Governor…He was disbarred by the tribal courts…but the FBI was so racist against Indians that they did not consider the tribal judge to be legitamate….because he was Indian?? There are so many twists and turns to this story I encourage all of you who are interested to read THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks. He seems to be unbiased and often criticizes or praises both the FBI and AIM.

The fact of the matter is PBS could do a five part series on Wounded Knee II and never be able to cover all of the finger pointing and accusations. The murder of Anna Mae Aquash alone has more whodunnit theories than CARTERS HAS LIVER PILLS!

My solution to all of this is to either let it drop or to put every single person under sodium penethol or hook them up to lie detector tests…every FBI agent, BIA workers…all of the major characters on Pine Ridge…in AIM…FBI informants…even with all of that peoples faulty memories probably still wouldn’t be enough to find out what really happened.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

I finally watched the video produced by and starring Richard Two Elks  (watch it here )it is a response to the PBS documentary WE SHALL REMAIN the WOUNDED KNEE segment. There are so many people involved in this case with so many opinions I am continually amazed at how many people are upset some houses are burned down and not concerned about a little girl being shot in the eye or a teenage boy being given alcohol and a moving vehicle by the tribal president. I detest people that step into public office or in a position of authority over other people and fail to set a good example whether it is popular or not. Your job as an adult is to set a good example to the younger generation. Period.

Getting back to the video Two Elks claims to be a professional but the video is poorly produced. If he were just a hobbyist I would say “It’s great!” In the video he is wearing a hat. Maybe that is an Indian thing but men should take their hats off while indoors much less while you are on camera. The hat is covering most of his face and he doesn’t really look in the camera….he is reading from something written that he is holding. Most professionals would have a teleprompter or someone holding up large cards so he could read  the script. I say script because he does not seem to be familiar with the subject he is just reading something that someone wrote. This should be a subject that he knows so well that he can speak with authority, conviction and without having to write it down. It also lacks any passion for the victims of Wounded Knee it seems their purpose is only to further their propaganda. I mean are these victims of Wounded Knee sleeping on the ground? Or in a cardboard box? It has been over 30 years. I have heard nothing of any organization that either Trimbach or Two Elks has started to help these supposed victims. The video says nothing about their plight now or  what you need to send them to get them back on their feet. The trading  post didn’t have insurance??? What state lets you own a business without insurance? Even then. Like I said my impression is that neither Two Elks or Trimbach gives a damn about these victims because in the big picture it is a non issue.  But once again why the continued outrage from so many about some possessions…take my house and everything I own…burn it to the ground…I would rather have my eye! Not one word  about the little girl who was shot in the eye!!! People these days do not have their priorities straight. Children first! It is the only way our civilization will begin to heal from the cycle of abuse of any color.

Richard Two Elks has come forward and admitted that he murdered a person by beating him to death at Wounded Knee but he has never been charged or spent a day in jail. I think that under the circumstances none of the participants at Wounded Knee should be convicted it was a painful era in the history of our country. AIM and its members were understandably expressing their grief over the genocide and annihilation of their people for a few hundred years. Frustration and the feeling of powerlessness often lead to people going to extreme measures as evidenced by the rise in school shootings. On the other hand Richard Two Elks also claims to work tirelessly on the sexual abuse of children yet he continually taunts a woman who was sexually abused by her father on a native discussion group. The former FBI agent Joseph Trimbach apparently approves of this behavior as he remains silent about this behavior and whole heartedly supports everything Richard Two Elks does. As much as I admire and respect Anna Mae Aquash I am in no way as upset about her death  as I am about a little girl getting shot in the eye. Right or wrong politics aside Anna Mae went to Wounded Knee knowing that involving herself in the  situation could very well result in her death. She made a choice and should be admired for doing so.

The story of Anna Mae continues…

The harassment of the WKLDOC by the FBI did not end there, hours after the release of Feiten and Davies they ran into the FBI in the hotel lobby. the FBI agents commenced with harassment and the lawyers tried to put the FBI agents under citizens arrest the altercation moved to the street and when the police arrived they actually arrested one of the FBI agents.

...both agents were soon released, but three days later the city attorney charged Pearson with assault and issued a warrant for his re-arrest. Pearson left town the same day.

Joseph Trimbach, the FBI agent in charge of the Dakotas and Minnesota, said Pearson’s departure from Rapid City was just a coincidence; he was not fleeing an arrest warrant, only being rotated back to his home office in California. When reporters asked if the FBI would return Pearson to Rapid City to face the charge, Trimbach scoffed at the idea. “This is a trumped-up charge,” he said. “There is no basis for it….It is absurd on its face that FBI agents would harass the militant Indians or their representatives”. He denied that his men had been put under citizen’s arrest, although they most certainly had, and he added that the arrests of Davies and Feiten had been “valid arrests,” although they most certainly had not.

WKLDOC then began to experience mail being delivered late or not at all anonymous threats over the phone, and other such goings on. They assumed that they were under surveillance of the FBI

WKLDOC  filed suit against the FBI for creating a climate that scared its clients from meeting with their lawyers: the FBI cast a pall over the constitutional right to a fair defense.

The case was heard by the ever so corrupt and racist Judge Bogue…

“It might be noted,” Bogue opined, “that many of the acts complained of by the Plaintiffs seem to have been occasioned by the activities of the Plaintiffs themselves. The incidents, occurring while investigating F.B.I. automobiles, photographing agents, and investigating the Defendants’ housing, seem to have occurred when the Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense committee was taking the action to the Defendants. It appears that many of these incidents may have been avoidable by Plaintiffs.” It was the same logic that held a woman need not fear being beaten by her husband if she did not raise her voice.

Bogue dismissed the case.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

I finally watched the Wounded Knee segment of WE SHALL REMAIN on the computer…now I see why Trimbach and his cheerleaders are upset. I was laughing through a lot  of it because I had never seen any footage. Sometimes when I laugh it seems inappropriate but when the truth is exposed the world rejoices and no matter how bad the truth is it has been set free which brings me great joy….It is the lies that are causing so much damage.

The thing that struck me was the uproar the government gets its self into. You would think that Brezhnev himself had landed in America and taken over Wounded Knee their paranoia is so great!!  Can you imagine living with such unfounded fears every single day?? This could have been settled by simply listening to the Indians no need for guns. They just wanted to be heard…to have their very valid complaints addressed. There was so much wrong about the whole thing. I think it must be like the mass hysteria that can sometimes be experienced by a crowd only it is stretched over a few generations….some fear that what they have done is going to be done to them. I am also reading a book called FBI SECRETS An FBI Agent’s Expose’ by M.Wesley Swearingdon. You know he was a Hoover guy like G.Gordon Liddy he turns his first name into an initial!

They could have easily done a five part series on just  the occupation of Wounded Knee. There is so much that was left out. Somewhere on alt.native I think there was a thread with Richard Two Elks response and something about why they didn’t interview him…I will try to get to that on the next post. My time management is lacking these days! Also I need to watch the program again because one woman was talking about the Commission on Civil Rights  which is the subject today but  I was trying to clean my kitchen so I didn’t quite get what everybody had to say and who they were.

…the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights concluded its investigation and reported that there had been “massive irregularities” during the election, that nearly all of WKLDOC’s charges could be confirmed, and that in no way could the election be considered valid. USCCR heaped blame on the bureau of Indian affairs, which by law was required to supervise the elections but which steadfastly refused to do so.

…the BIA….said they had read USCCR’s report but declined to make a single counterargument and declared the election would stand.

WKLDOC  appealed Bogue’s decision first to an unsympathetic panel of the Eighth circuit and then to the U.S. Supreme Court, which in 1976 declined to hear the case.

That the Oglala people might deserve a judicial accounting for the stolen election, or that those who might deserve a judicial accounting for the stolen election, or that those who stole it and those who let it be stolen should be held answerable for their deeds did not, apparently, impress the justices of America’s highest court.

Funny how our government only upholds laws on reservations when it benefits the governments cause…otherwise the Indians are left to their own devices…which is what Wounded Knee was all about to begin with.

WKLDOC prepared the defense of its clients from and office out of the spare rooms of a fraternity house of the National College of Business in Rapid City.

WKLDOCers noticed that their comings and goings  at the frat house were being scrutinized by clean-cut men…Jeanne Davies and Fritz Feiten, spotted one of the unmarked cars. It was empty of occupants but had a two way, police-style radio inside, so Feiten wrote down the car’s license plate number.  As he did so, two men stepped out of a car across the street and walked up to him and Davies. they flashed FBI badges. “H-u-g-h-e-s,” Davies copied into a notebook and started to write his badge number, but Agent Hughes detracted the badge, snatched Davies’s paper, and ordered them to put their hands on the car. The WKLDOCkers asked if they were under arrest.

More agents arrived.

When the WKLDOCkers refused to give any information beyond their names, the questions turned to taunts, then to arrests.

WKLDOC had them bailed out soon enough, but on their way out the door the FBI added a federal charge-interfering with witnesses to a judicial proceeding-and the pair were re-arrested. no federal witnesses had been involved in the incident on the street, save the FBI agents themselves,

and they were not the sort of witnesses the law contemplated. But because it was Saturday night and a federal magistrate was unavailable to  review the complaint, Davies and Feiten were kept locked up over the weekend, which was the real motive behind the complaint. Come Monday, the magistrate immediately dismissed the federal charge, and the city attorney did the same with the municipal public-nuisance charge. The FBI never received a reprimand for what was clearly harassment of legal workers..