Searching for God in nature, photography, whiskey, books and art…. whatever rant I am compelled to voice




While driving across Utah about twelve years ago a strange thing happened and the Earth whispered to me….maybe it was God. (Not the God of those Satan worshiping Christians I grew up with in EddyHELL, Oregon.) It’s hard to describe what it was like but there were two other adults with me and they were oblivious. The beauty of the desert and a crack started to form. Or maybe it was the first of many band-aids.

Since that day there has not been a time I was not completely in awe of nature and life. I decided not to waste another minute of life playing the games corporations and politicians would have us play. Instead I started doing what I love everyday which is painting, quilting, photography and hiking. It took awhile  but the West kept calling me back, while I thought I would be in New Mexico I found myself in Oregon for reasons that became obvious after awhile. The first time I drove into the Redwoods and stood among the giant trees I had a thought that would not leave. I don’t know if I am saying hello or goodbye. As it turned out it was a long good bye and after half a decade I fell in love with Montana. I’m too old to declare it a permanent move. I have discovered Wyoming and South Dakota.

There are great expanses here and it seems as though the wind acts as constant scrubbers of lingering worries. The sky stretches so far that the mountains ranges seem like speed bumps until I am virtually upon them. The land here is only tamed in appearance. Ranchers attempts at taming the land with every post-hole dug are from a distance fragile toothpicks temporarily tolerated. There is damage done- pit mines, poisoned water and  animals crowded on a patch of land. Self-proclaimed kings produce wheat, alfalfa,sugar beets and corn genetically modified. Top-soil blows away as nitrogen is poured on. I have the sense that the land will take care of itself. This is most apparent in Yellowstone where a mere tremble alters the landscape.


I have certainly had some trials in my life but there are more days when I can’t stop grinning and my face hurts from it.