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FROZEN KLAMATH LAKE (and a cool dear jaw bone)


Old Town Klamath Falls is beautiful at night and interesting during the day!

The Pendelton Blanket Horsey!…at Drew’s of course!

Some of the shop windows…..

Outside a Mexican restaurant…


I was in Klamath Falls for the night…and having been lazy all week I went for a walk….too damned tired to run. I decided to go in the opposite direction on the OC&E trail through the town. Well for the most part it was b…o…r…i…n…g… except for this old railroad bridge.

seems crazy to me in these times of drought and ground water being depleted at such a rate that the CIA warns that our next wars will be fought over water instead of oil….that the high desert has been turned into farm land for alfalfa and potatoes….onions…and Medford which has farmland in abundance and would require a lot less irrigation is mostly taken up by residences and businesses….God forbid we do anything that makes sense…

Now as you can see when I am tired I get cock-eyed….photos tilted….I wish I could blame it on the builders of the bridge!

I have such a crazy fear of water that looking over the edge was hard…I know its crazy and unreasonable. Swimming pools??? dumbest things ever invented!!!  (I used to be a good swimmer…can’t even stand the thought of a bath….none of that jacuzzi nonsense…saunas are great though!) I get sweaty palms just thinking about stepping on a boat! About two years ago my brother and I were on a hike it went between a river and an irrigation ditch…..and at one point narrowed to a two foot metal walk way between the two. I didn’t think anything of it at first but in the middle I started hyperventilating every muscle in my foot started cramping and I fell to my knees clinging to the metal walkway. Even as this was happening I was thinking STOP BEING SUCH A PUSSY!!! And I really do try when faced with the challenge….I did stay on the bridge for a few minutes…trying not to let my imagination run away!!

now this would be a great idea if put into practice……park benches on railroad tracks….just move around the whole city….if only you could burn calories at the same time!

the trail cuts through a part of town with larger lots and several people have horses……although these poor horses as you can see have no grass….five of them in that little space and while there is plenty of hay and feed around horses like to graze.

the wind had started blowing hard and I wish I had made sure this was in better focus…

this was a 5.58 mile walk….so in over two and a half miles….there wasn’t too much of interest…but then I saw this shoe hanging from a fence post. Next time I’m in Klamath Falls I’ll drive to the trail outside of town…that might be more interesting!

the next day I finally made it to the Lava Beds….THAT place was much more interesting!

lots more to come from the Lava Beds National Monument


I was in Klamath last week and it was rather cold and windy but I still managed 3.92 miles lumbering in Klamath Falls. It was cold and windy so windy I really couldn’t do much running in it….wahhhh!!! I feel like a whiner now that I’m home…but when its blowing head on…it really is a challenge and I’m not in the best shape!

OC&E stands for Oregon California Eastern

Klamath Falls is high desert and where  ever there is a bit of space that has not been manipulated for awhile the desert life tries to make a comeback…patches of sagebrush along the trail…

if you squint and get out your magnifying glass you can just make out Mt. Shasta in the clouds….

in the other direction the mountain is called Hogback….

looking down into one of the rail cars….lots of plastic bottles….

this has to be the most unappealing stack of signs….EVER….and the clown ….any minute now I’m going to want to turn around and patronize the business THAT belongs too! Not!! I don’t always understand urban decay….twenty years from now this might appeal to me but just now….the in between state where the business owners still operate but have given up on forward thinking….drives me crazy….

I weighed in at 195.5 so my eating habits weren’t as destructive as I thought they were….but I definitely need to do better! And the total for the week was 10.37. And the Nike Equalon’s are living up to my previous praises….four miles on concrete and the pain was minimal!