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Well…not too surprising that a town named after Custer is  in such disrepair…the pioneers called this progress…

In Jesus’ name they believed they could “improve” upon the land…

Personally I was ecstatic when I rolled into town on fumes. I was driving along happy as…..ME! enjoying the scenery when I happened to glance over at my gas gauge and it was almost empty! I debated turning around where I knew there was a town but measured my map distance and thought I could make it to Custer. I haven’t run out of gas since I was in college a few decades ago.  Luckily I drive a Toyota Echo!

I pulled over a few times on the way home to take photos of the sun going down. People say this part of Montana is  ugly but I love it. Its wild and spooky even in daylight. Full of mystery and secrets just waiting for me. Its big with the illusion of small; something that seems manageable at first glance but in reality will never be.


I hope to be able to get some photos that capture the mystery of the land. It is haunting with folds and crevices so numerous…and little mini rimrocks….and you can see forever! The land will flatten and then it crinkles up again as if it were a long sheet of paper that was crumpled in the middle…again and again.

as soon as I get my credit card paid off I”m getting a new camera….the scratches on the lens drive me crazy! (That’s what those dots in the middle of the sky are.)

This part of the country is called HELL CREEK FORMATION and here is the geo-history…unless your Sarah Palin in which case this was all made up by a bunch of liberals spending your tax $$$$ …. trying to destroy Jesus!

Lots more to come!



new painting…


Bodie is an old mining ghost town in the California Sierras…I loved it and it has been the inspiration for a few paintings


I had to be in the local mall last night, and they had an exhibition of artists 1st through 12th grade…in my opinion no gallery or museum can rival the vision and talent of youth! I cropped the photos so the names and schools of the kids were not shown in some cases it took out a chunk from the art….


This is distorted because it was up high…lovely portrait!! I wonder if it was of Self?

I have drawn Buddha in this fashion before…not this good though!!!

Now this is very interesting and I am quite sorry the focus was off….hell breaking loose because this is a senior in high school about to down a margarita??? The pink comfortable chair…with a demon lurking in the shadows…interesting story being told here…why is the chair empty?

Someone was having a good day!!

If only that were true for the rest of us!!

Another great portrait…these kids are quite talented!!

Quite a pirate ship sailing into the sunset

Surely this must be along the Oregon Trail!!

And how great is this sun!!!!

in the garden….interesting colors

I have seen many versions of this driving home at sunset the black trees against layers of mountains…awesome!

Serengeti in Southern Oregon…

Hmmm its a good thing that is a mouse and not a Sparrow…

This bear won a blue ribbon…