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Gilette is a town I heard nothing but disparaging comments about so I was expecting a bleak and dreary. Its not. Its another western town but with a coal mine outside of town that keeps the town thriving. It has the typical stretch of road where the Home Depot Walmart, Kmart Albertsons are located but I always look for the historic districts when I visit any town.

This Motel was on my walk to the downtown area. I like the old signs that have  imagination not The Hilton or Motel 6. If it didn’t get dark so late now I would have taken a photo of the neon cowboy at night.

I love finding graffiti

Someone in town has a sense of humor….

Love this mural! The town has put up sculptures too but those are on the next post.

The town has done a great job preserving “The West”

This is how I pretty much view Tattoos…

Another business with character!

Like churches for grain!



This was one of the best times I have had since I moved here! I almost postponed it a day but luckily I checked the weather. By the time I was heading back and stopped to try to photograph the prairie dogs it was very cold and windy amazing what a difference fifteen minutes makes in this part of the country!  And the next morning it was snowing…I can’t wait to visit again there is so much to photograph there were wild turkey everywhere but I was on such limited time that I couldn’t hike that trail. Next time



Starting with “around” first this is after Livingston and before Bozeman which are only about 4o miles apart. Beautiful country inbetween I wish I could pull over every 50 feet and take photos…..they should have more pull outs on the interstate. JUST FOR ME!!

As you can see from the reflection I took this one while driving….no laws against that. Yet.

Now this ranch is in Livingston proper….

This is the train depot…

with a train parked outside! I love trains and this one left shortly after my arrival. I’m not sure why he was parked, maybe letting other trains pass.

By the depot is a park and the trees all have these yellow ribbons tied around them.

detail of the train depot..

Historic old town Livingston

Gotta love a saloon named Whiskey Creek!

and it seems a Western town isn’t complete without a saloon called THE MINT…

I grabbed a sandwich at the Pickle Barrel not so great neither the coffee or the sandwich but I was hungry. They did have the best oatmeal cookies I have ever tasted but they have them delivered. Next time I’ll find a different place to eat…

I cut out the religious part of this sentiment and with the mountain like a mirage in the background I love this photo. Should have cropped it though

This was down an alley

There is more to Livingston but it was getting late and I wanted to check out a certain part of the Yellowstone River.

On a closing note I stopped by the Rocky Mountain Crafters thing at MetraPark after I was done hiking at Little Big Horn Battlefield and it wasn’t my cup of tea for the most part but Miller Farm pork raised in Livingston was there and I bought a variety of pork cuts. Chops, ribs and sausage all raised outside and not stacked on top of each other in a factory farm. They aren’t fed yucky stuff either like antibiotics and hormones.


As I was leaving Oregon I added Elvis to my dashboard Buddha was getting lonely. They have both been keeping me entertained! Or maybe its the other way around.

Only in Wyoming would you find a chain of gas stations called SMOKER FRIENDLY!

In Buffalo even the grocery store has buffalo on the sign. Every store sells buffalo merchandise for tourists.

very courteous they are!

They have a great “old town” section which I promptly walked up one side and down the other…

I was quite hungry and thought I would stop in here for coffee and a bite to eat…but the cowgirl running the place was suffering from what appeared to be MAD COW DISEASE frothin’ at the mouth and such so I promptly turned around looking for friendly feeding grounds!

A little mural painted on the bottom of a door…

What would a western town be without some western sculptures?

A charming little church….

more to come…