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This wonderful memorial is set below Mt. Shasta and is an experience like no other….in an area that caters to every disingenuous religion man has ever thought up this is just a place that was created with good intentions and no agenda. No matter your personal feeling about war and politics the agenda is left on the side of the road. Its a place for those to honor, reflect, release, heal pain suffered by all affected by war. It is a short hike to the memorial and if you are crippled or  disabled you can drive …but I recommend walking…your mind has a chance to quiet and reflect you become more open to the energies of each sculpture. People who drive in basically disrupt the serenity of the place…they play their stereos…and quickly look at the sculptures before jumping back in and leaving never fully getting the full effect…but then maybe that is for the best!

When I first brought my mother here she was angry…angry that I was making her walk (she is not crippled) complaining and carrying on….then as she reached the first  sculpture

She became even angrier…carrying on about THE GREATEST GENERATION…and what a bunch of lazy, ungrateful, cowards subsequent generations have been!! She just released so much anger with each sculpture and had her own interpretations of what the sculpture had intended….like any good piece of art they invoke emotion with meaning exclusive to the observer. There is nothing wrong or right about it…the experience is owned by the heart of the individual…

Something that strikes me having been here quite a few times is the artists use of the hand in gesture…most of the figures are open…which is such a healthy position…but the hands seem to plead,search, reach, pray, and caress in agony and healing….

This is the beautiful Mt. Shasta in the background which adds to the atmosphere of the memorial

This figure should have a folded flag in her hands….none of the flags were present…either because of theft or for the winter…I’m not sure.

this is the road to the sculptures…quite suitable for walking and wheelchairs…

More tomorrow…

Oh and here is their website LIVING MEMORIAL SCULPTURE GARDEN It’s easy to find and they have directions on their site!!



The next sculpture in the LIVING MEMORIAL SCULPTURE GARDEN is called Coming Home…once again the drama is heightened by the beautiful Mt. Shasta in the background!

and the use of hands dominates the sculpture…

This is called ALL WOUNDED SOLDIERS…but out of all the sculptures was getting the least amount of sunlight. While the subject is missing a hand the intent of the artist is to honor all types of wounds…physical as well as those to the heart and mind…and once again a hand reaches to the heavens!

And if you walk into the desert you can find the sculptures of nature

This speaks for itself!

And here is a more recent memorial honoring an individual.


This girl likes to go new places and yesterday I dragged my brother to see the Iron Gate Reservoir in Northern California….a bit past Hornbrook. Anyway the reservoir wasn’t very pretty but that may have had more to do with the sky being so cloudy so we drove past and pulled over at an old fish hatchery…this Iris was growing alongside it.

up the road a bit and a turn on a gravel road my brother who is recovering from a knee injury looked for a place to do some writing while I got some exercise….as you can see he is no water buffalo!

I continued up the hill and of course used any excuse to rest stop and take photos! For instance this tire on a tree

fence posts are of particular interest

this is a strange area….most of it is a big ranch but then there are parcels of land on the side of the road where people have tried to homestead….without water or electricity they park their mobile homes on a flat space and try to make a go of it….this is one of them that the “go of it” got the go of them…

I had a lengthy conversation with one of the residents of this road….it was interesting they basically were trying to get away from society. In the five years they had lived there no one had ever come walking up the gravel road! They were nice enough although they seemed to be suffering the effects of being so isolated and in complete denial of said effects. That said I love talking to “characters”….we can’t all live the same lives. Later I will do a post of their “shrine”.

when I turned around not knowing if the road became private (it doesn’t) I could see Mt. Shasta…albeit faintly!

When I got back to the car….I saw this poor dead snake…and tried to remember if I was the one who ran over it…but I really don’t remember seeing it. Sorry if I did!

the road looking back…

And a view of the Iron Gate Reservoir….

It seemed like a longer hike but I guess because it was up hill half the way it was only about 3.36 miles….BTW last week I barely made the NIKE CHALLENGE of 10 miles a week coming in at 10.37…but I will be kind to myself since I was and still am battling a upper respiratory infection…I don’t dare take a photo of the scale….I had the best donuts (Continental Bakery  in Crescent City) AND the best barbecue (ROSCOE’S) in Phoenix ….I SWEAR I”LL GET ON THE SCALE THIS WEEKEND!!!




Once again I have photos from a roll of film that are odds and ends from traveling!