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REDWOODS (Walker Road)2


REDWOODS (Walker Road)

I never tire of the Redwoods been going there every month for about five years now…sometimes twice a month! Like all landscape forest or field it is constantly changing and never the same twice. This hike is from a bit ago but since I came back from Montana. I was exhausted but needed the exercise. My favorite breakfast place(Continental Bakery) in Crescent City was closed that morning so I grabbed a large coffee from a gas station and headed for the nearest trail. It was very early….not a soul around I found a bench and just sat and cried….stress from before and after vacation trying to get work done then get caught up again. I’m like a toddler when I don’t get my required sleep I get grouchy and have meltdowns!! At 45!! You can ask any member of my family!! Throw in pre-menopause and its a damn good thing I live alone!

It was a good morning and after the release of tears I had a lovely walk even with the lack of sunshine. Its harder to take good photos when the sun is hiding.

Of course I was delighted when I ran into one of my slug friends!

While it was over a hundred in Medford the fog had rolled in the night before and was now clinging to the trees….I took my sweet time in the Redwoods enjoying the cool.


I did a double take when I saw this on the trail on my way down…MY THAT LOOKS LIKE A PENIS….

It was….couldn’t believe I missed it on the way up the trail!…

No…I didn’t take it home!


Need to finish putting up these photos of my Redwood hike BEFORE I left.

This is the horse camp