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DEADWOOD 3 Mt. Moriah Cemetery


I took this photo because Mt. Moriah Cemetery is on a hill that kicked my ass this is about half way up…most people drive. Even the people at the visitors center were impressed!

Calamity Jane wanted to be buried next to Wild Bill …

people leave a lot of offerings at her grave.

This is a whole section of the Jewish people who died in Deadwood, there are “streets” that section off the cemetery and all of the names here are out of the Torah.

To see Sheriff Bullocks grave is another uphill hike….

Looking down on deadwood from the cemetery.


This is a nice little museum in Buffalo, Wyoming. I wonder if the local ranchers just moseyed on into town with their brands to decorate the side of the building. Brands are big in Wyoming. They even sell paper napkins in different sizes with the brands of  this particular county.

All in all its just another brick in the wall…

The area around Buffalo has a lot of history with Indian wars and the Johnson County War involving a conglomerate of rich cattlemen known as the Wyoming Stock Growers Association who hired killers against the smaller upstart ranchers.

You have to visit the museum to see how huge the wolf was damn near the size of a bear…not a grizzly though!

This is a great sculpture depicting “Wyoming Mud” I have made the mistake a few times in the rain of thinking I can leave the pavement to take photos

These are selected from a wall of quotes….

And this is an interactive spin the wheel of fortune….only would you survive the Bozeman trail. That’s right I survived

Of course this photo is out of focus these are Tom Horn’s spurs!