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You would think since it was Thanksgiving Day and freezing that the park would be empty but not so. There were at least 10 fly fishermen actually standing in the freezing water! I had on five breathable layers on top and it took about a half mile of running to get warmed up. Then when I would stop to take pictures or switch to walking for too long I would start to get cold again. Near the end of my excursion it had warmed up a few degrees but not enough for me go stand in water!

I will have to come back in springtime when things are green. It is pretty now but in the spring with the flowers in bloom…

Mt. McLaughlin..

This is a big marsh in spring time…

The Rogue River you can barely see them but there are two men fishing in the river.

a little closer…

Another man fly fishing…the dry riverbanks are right there why stand in the cold water??? I secretly admire people who do crazy things!

You can reserve picnic areas…

Seriously who leaves their business card in an outhouse??


That is Table Rock Road

Ice formation looks like a…

I’m not sure why this is here looks like a trap of some sort.


I’m kidding…it’s the Cole M. Rivers Hatchery…observation Spawning room…and restrooms…hmmmm

and televised!

some of the fish “cradles”…

I guess if you fall in you grab onto that rope so you don’t go down the spillway….

Not sure how they get past this dam….I need to go back when the hatchery is open they are quite nice and seem more than happy to answer the same question they have been asked a hundred times before!

Here is one of the boat ramps although at this time the area is filled with fisherman they line up along the river at the hatchery and try to catch them as they go by the narrow spillway. There are usually fish and wildlife people there to check for licenses….then there are the few fly fisherman who actually stand in the river….picture too blurry to post


Right below Lost Creek Reservoir the Rogue starts up again and passes through this cute little park with trails and picnic tables…there is even a playground and nature center.

It was a raining on and off but I was having a rough week and needed to get the hell out of my house….went running until almost 8:00pm. But that is another story I may or may not post on later…

These were like some diseased or deformed oak leaves….only one branch was like this…too cool looking for me to pass up!

I wish this photo had turned out  better….this little pond is soooo cute! The problem is that I’m running I see something and stop to take a photograph….and don’t always hold still enough. Probably due to me trying to catch my breath!

This is my current desk top background…I change them quite often with all of the photos I take.

Still trying to avoid going home I headed to Cole M. Rivers Hatchery which was down the road…next post