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These cows were so entertaining. I stopped the car to take photos and the mama cow was well….a Mama cow eying me suspiciously and then running in front of her little one! You’d  have thought I was taking photos with one hand had and eating veal cutlet with the other.

In the distance are the Billings refineries….

zoom zoom

You might think with all of the deer I have hit in my life I wouldn’t find them so fascinating but I still love them.


Actually the antelope play pretty much everywhere. A few weeks ago I was taking a walk about 4 blocks from my house there was a herd grazing but I only had my camera phone. These are  on Two Dot Ranch between Cody and Belfry.

I didn’t want the cows to feel left out….


Actually these are on the way to the park which is about 40 minutes from my house. It is still undeveloped and I’m not sure why they call it Yellowstone River State Park because as far as I walked into it the land by the river was leased for agriculture. They purchased the park two or three years ago and said a campground would be opening in 2011 but I didn’t encounter any signs of such activity. After talking to locals who had never heard of the park I finally found one who said Oh yeah I have hunted there before but didn’t know what it was called. I think the intention was to acquire the land for hunters there is also some mention of easy access to BLM land.

This is where the private land ends and the public lands begin….not a port-a-potty in sight!  That didn’t deter me though!! It was a beautiful day and the day after driving home in a snowstorm…


Last week I drove through two snowstorms this weekend the skies are blue. This snowstorm was on my way back from Cody. I saw the cows and had to stop to take photos. They were far away so I had to zoom which means the camera has to be very still….the wind was blowing as it only does in Wyoming- fiercely! I managed to get some but I wish I knew what kind of cows they are.