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I originally posted this over two years ago and it is  the most read and searched post on my blog. Not a day goes by without someone searching living in Pahrump or retiring in Pahrump. It is quite controversial, while some people understand what I have written others become irate….and unhinged! When I originally wrote it I tried to interject some humor but was beside myself… scared, exhausted filled with turmoil….stress….fear….I have since come to better grips with the situation in Nevada. While the lack of services in the State of Nevada continues to confound me….the lack of empathy and compassion from some of the people commenting equally amazes me and reflects the dispassionate, unwillingness to help, at the Sheriff’s office. Human services almost always reflect the sentiment of the surrounding community.

Recently someone opposed to my post left a well written comment (you have to click on comments and scroll down to the bottom) At first glance it seemed C.L. made some good points….but then I started to think about all of the stuff she avoided. I may be completely wrong but my hunch is that C.L. is a woman. If she works then it is not  in the capacity of being a person of responsibility towards others, unless of course C.L. is a  sociopath. The more I think about C.L. the more annoyed I am by what “she” wrote….the only thing of substance or problem solving was the suggestion of checking the internet for sex-offenders.In these times where secure futures are precarious jobs hang by a thread…many a retirement portfolio wiped out …loss of health insurance….the sheer uncertainty of these times….the utter lack of empathy for others plight is astounding. Of course this person lacks empathy….wakes up every single day to look out her HOUSE on ONE ACRE at her THOUSAND FOOT GARDEN and TWO HORSES…DUCKS, CHICKENS and TWO DOGS.  Now I have no idea who this person is or how well she takes care of her horses says her sons do it. But…I cannot tell you how many times I have seen horses in Pahrump and Las Vegas day after day in a small enclosed area with no shade…day after day in 100+ weather feeling every bit as miserable as they look. Heads hung low…Selfish owners….can only think of themselves…their immediate gratification…Wild horses in the desert don’t stand in the hot sun they look for what ever shade they can a tree the outcropping of rocks….ANYWHERE! Now maybe she does have a barn…but horses need to graze….the less vegetation the more space they need. In Elko, Nevada the law is two horses per acre and I’m sure they mean a WHOLE acre…not one with a thousand square foot garden and a house! Plus ducks and chickens and two dogs…Can you imagine the hubris of worrying about my cursing when God has to look down on that mess?? And the hubris of this person who exclaims “Darn it”….as if she wasn’t thinking “Damn it”….honestly  its like the EMPEROR WITH NO CLOTHES….lets all pretend!! Truth be told I envy the complete ignorance of some people….either you are asleep or pretending to be asleep so you can remain oblivious while others sweep up the mess or try to mend the fence…but damn it all once in awhile I would love the ability to be oblivious to the plight of those surrounding me!! Even for an hour or so…..

Oh and speaking of the phase “DARN IT” here’s what the URBAN DICTIONARY has to say:

It means damn
Gall darn it
A way for ‘religious types’ to say damn without offending others of their ilk.

More importantly, its a way of releasing anger when something happens, but unlike the originator – “Damn”, it doesnt roll off the tongue so easily and would appear to repress the repressed ‘religious types’ even more so than if they had gone all out and said the word “Damn”

Darn it, I just killed my wife and two children crashing into a tree. I’m such a Darn fool! I’ll be damned to hell, DARN it!

I woke up this morning knowing I had to update this post so I hope it helps someone who is, or has a family member considering moving there. I think it would be a good town to move to if you are fairly young, independently wealthy and have a love for the desert!

#1 There are no jobs in Pahrump and if you are lucky to find one it will be minimum wage. (with the exception of government jobs and top management in the few casinos….but you will have to wait for someone to be fired or who moves before one becomes available. I hear you can now apply at the prison that was just built in town!) There are jobs in Vegas but it is a minimum 67 mile drive one way. The economy in Vegas is one of the worst in the United States and I am sure that the job market there is not doing as well as when I was there.

#2 You have to drive to Vegas for EVERYTHING unless you can shop Walmart 365 days a year. They do have a Home Depot in now….Oh I forgot they are building a prison there too!!!! In town no less not on the outskirts as any other sane town that is trying to encourage business. As I said before you have to drive to Las Vegas for pretty much everything. The main road to Vegas is Blue Diamond Hwy or 160 and it is dangerous. The road is mostly  a straight line so why so many accidents??? Because everyone speeds or falls asleep there are only shoulders going one way and they do not have enough space to correct yourself if your car wanders.(I was there recently and they have now put a shoulder on both sides of the road this should prevent many accidents) . Nevada itself is famous for people running red lights. Never trust a light when it turns green ALWAYS look to see if traffic has stopped. Even that is not a guarantee.  Pahrump only has about 2 lights although I think that they have acquired a third so as you drive everyday you take your life in your own hands. I am a very good defensive driver so none of this effected my life until I was rear ended while stopped at a stop sign. Oh and did I tell you about the time I was driving down a main road with the rightaway for miles and some elderly person pulled right in front of me. I had to slam on my brakes and the Sushi I had just picked up went flying all over my car! I saw more accidents the year I lived there than I have seen in my entire life. If the above is not enough to scare you please keep reading…

#3 Many of the health care professionals live and have offices in Vegas and only visit their offices in Pahrump a few days a week or every other week.) There is an emergency clinic and a hospital. But neither is prepared to handle a real emergency. If you do have an emergency you better have the best health care in the world because do you know how much an ambulance to Las Vegas costs from Pahrump and that is the cheap alternative. If it is a REAL emergency than they fly you by helicopter and you might as well file for bankruptcy unless you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. Or you can purchase special insurance in case you need to take the helicopter. If you are looking to retire there…let me be blunt no matter the good health you are in currently shit happens! …And your health is not getting any better it is declining and dare I say when you are looking to buy a retirement home you are looking for a place that you would like to die in, maybe it will take 20 or 30 years but that is the end result. Still want to hear more??

#4 So you want to move to Pahrump, because you do not want to pay income tax??? They charge taxes for everything else and guess what???? NO INCOME TAX NO SOCIAL SERVICES!!!  First of all Nevada as a state is fiscally irresponsible and the nice socialist state of Oregon with all of its wonderful social programs has had a rainy day fund. What does this mean to an elderly person in Nevada? Let us put it this way I had a family emergency not long ago. I drove 15 hours went straight to the Sheriff’s office 11:30 at night and they basically told me to go fuck myself. Actually what they said is that I was wasting their time….guns involved….too bad!!! What they told me was this: There is an elderly woman in Pahrump who believes that there are people living in the walls of her home so she has been making holes in her walls and destroying them…..the sheriff’s office can do nothing because it is her house and she has the right to tear down her walls!! If she has guns and her neighbors are naturally nervous the sheriff’s office can do nothing….she has her rights. The only circumstances that they would interfere is if she had NO food in her cabinets. This is what happens to many elderly people when they suffer from something as simple as a lack of vitamin b. Even the public officials  in Virginia were shaking their heads at the lack of services provided for the elderly in Pahrump and Nevada (yes I got more help from the State of Virginia! And to top it off they weren’t rude!!!)….THERE IS NO SAFETY NET!!!! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH TO YOU THAT I HAVE NEVER EVER LIVED IN A STATE….ANYWHERE THAT YOU COULD NOT CALL OR GO TO THE POLICE AND THEY WOULD WANT TO HELP YOU. Need an escort out of a scary area??? call the police!! Been away from home for a week and notice an open window???call the police!! In most cities they will bend over backwards to help you for these simple situations. It makes them feel good as there are so many times that people are not appreciative of their services. Haven’t heard enough yet???

#5 The money that you will save not paying taxes will go straight to the electric company unless you buy a home installed with a swamp cooler instead of air conditioning. Most houses in Pahrump were built with air conditoning. It is ridiculous the amount of electricity that people use in Pahrump…they move there because the heat is supposedly good for their arthritis and then they live in their air conditioned homes….and complain about how hot it is. And by the way I hear that even the electric company is corrupt. Here’s some more…

#6 Pahrump is the home to meth production, legalized prostitution and a soon to be built prison. They are already starting to have a gang problem wait until the prison gets built did I mention THEY ARE BUILDING IT IN TOWN??? They say it will be a nice prison that will only have soft criminals… immigration issues…hurry up do these people think that the people busted for immigration violations are just women who are working as housekeepers???NO! They are usually people who have committed more serious crimes! In addition to all of this the elected officials are always under investigation for corruption…you name it…If you want to know more about what goes on in Pahrump they have 2 newspapers and the one that is not afraid to tell the truth is THE MIRROR which is owned by brothel entrepreneur Joe Richards. Yes the most reliable newspaper in Pahrump is owned by a man who makes his living off of renting out women by the hour!!! Before you consider moving there I recommend that you faithfully read his paper for 6 months and if that doesn’t deter you… rent for a year. If you are considering buying a home in Pahrump I emplore you to spend the money to fly in an independent home inspector from another state.

#7 The town itself is ugly. Butt ugly.

#8 Just in case you think I have nothing positive to say about Pahrump. The hills surrounding Pahrump have Joshua trees and I love them all! Mt. Charleston looms in the background and it is beautiful. Pahrump has beautiful sunsets! It is located about an hour from Death Valley. Death Valley is very beautiful…but there is a reason it is called Death Valley carry lots of water with you when traveling in the desert. Also there is an interesting Opera House in Armagosa that a ballet dancer from New York City has been running for ages. There is also Red Rock Canyon outside of Vegas. If you are a UFO buff AREA 51 is close by. And finally one of my favorite places is the China Ranch Date Farm in Tecopa.

#9 I love visiting Pahrump but wouldn’t want to live there.

#10  Not far from Pahrump is Yucca Mountain where the United States will soon be storing nuclear waste. We have to store it somewhere!

I hope this helps even one person in life!


Because of the nasty comment I thought I would look up and see what is going on in Pahrump these days and I found this:

Tweaker town

Pahrump fights a never-ending battle against meth cooks and speed freaks

I sympathize with anyone who has a drug problem it is devastating not only to the individual but to friends and family and the community but this is something that I would also consider when looking for a place to retire.

I went back to Pahrump a few months ago and here are more reasons for not moving there if you are a lover of books the largest book store in town is..


Nothing against sex at all but not a Borders, or Barnes and Noble in sight!…then I thought that maybe there was a section of town that I was not aware of…that perhaps I had missed…so I turned to the Yellow Pages!


Now Music Mind & Matter is a nice little “New Age” store that used to be owned by the folks that did OUT THERE T.V. (now called MATRIX NEWS  NETWORK). They do have a very good selection of  UFO, New Age, 2012 books.  Nothing wrong with a Christian book store but its not my sort of thing. Someone told me that the used book store is mostly paperback top 10 and historical romances but since I have not been there you have to check it out for yourself. There was a fairly good used book store by the post office but it went out of business due to health issues. If you move to Pahrump your best bet is Amazon or the 60 mile drive to Henderson where they have both Barnes & Nobel and Borders although when I was in Borders a few months ago they had taken out most of their music and were rearranging I was shocked at how low the stock levels were. Not a good sign! They did still have a good magazine selection!

OK now for the brothels…its funny that there are so many because Pahrump is a Mormon town…run by Mormon’s. The reason it is so underdeveloped is because most of the land is owned by a few people who want top dollar for their property….so it is VERY expensive to open a business there. Wal-Mart could afford it and now there is finally a HOME DEPOT. This is not a town that is trying to preserve its integrity or develop into a nice retirement community…everything goes to the highest bidder. It’s not like Santa Fe, or Boca Raton…the landscape that you see in the photo of the Adult Superstore is what the whole town looks like. There are pockets of nice landscape around the casinos and there are the whack job homeowners who landscape like they are in Florida with green lawns…wasting the precious resource of water!


There is an ongoing battle with the brothel owners, town commissioners and who ever else involved in such things. Heidi Fleiss the Hollywood Madam was rumored to be opening a brothel that catered to women or partnering up with Joe Richards…but because of the politics instead opened a laundry shop


Now as I said I am no fan of prostitution but either its legal or not…the politics involved with who is allowed to have a brothel and who isn’t is ridiculous and motivated by some higher moral issue but greed and politics. I forgot to take a photo of  The Kingdom which is a building that looks like a castle and is owned and operated by Joe Richards. It is a strip club that is the first building heading to Pahrump from Las Vegas he opened it in retaliation for the denial of building a brothel. Even I have to take Joe Richards side in this case….in the  ideal world that I dream of there would be no prostitution!!

Here are several articles on the subject


PAHRUMP VALLEY TIMES….the FBI arrests Joe Richards

THE LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL…Joe Richards is convicted.

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES…weighs in. The person commenting at the bottom has it right the commissioners are the ones that need to be investigated!

STATE OF NEVADA COMMISSION ON ETHICS…just in case you think Candice Trummel is a sweet moral politician who has not been corrupted by greed. Apparently the whole family is greedy and corrupt!! This seems to be the norm in Pahrump!

THE LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL…an piece on some series on brothels in Pahrump that aired on the Sundance channel.

And in recent news here is info on two more corrupt commissioners Liakopoulos and Neth.

PAHRUMP VALLEY TIMES Liakopoulos is a whack job who had his own talk show every week pretending to be a veteran and bilking people out of money the people elected him as a commissioner so his corruption could be more widespread. (Glad I wrote this article it seems the sob lists his address as Florence, Oregon…time to warn those good citizens!) Neth bilked investors.

PAHRUMP VALLEY TIMES…more on Liakopoulos.

NEVADA ETHICS COMPLAINT ….just in case you think Laurayne Murray who testified about Liakopoulos is free of corruption you can read this complaint.


I could do this all day long…..

My personal thoughts on prostitution are scattered through out this post…another personal opinion of mine surrounds the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS who have spent who knows how much money against gays but who has built an empire off of peoples addictions, SEX, GAMBLING  and ALCOHOL. For those of you who do not know the second highest concentration of Mormons is  Las Vegas…if the church were true to its teachings every single person who works for or runs a casino, serves alcohol would be excommunicated or at least deemed not worthy of Temple….nor would the church accept their tithing from these people…but as we all know churches are corrupt and will take blood money anyway they can get it….IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST no less!!



I was traveling all week one side of Oregon and then the other…Thursday I came home to the good news that the first  fiasco trial in the Anna Mae Aquash murder outcome was innocent!!

A federal jury deliberated for less than two hours Thursday before finding Vine Richard “Dickie” Marshall not guilty of murder in connection with the 1975 slaying of American Indian Movement activist Annie Mae Aquash.

Marshall’s supporters, who filled one side of the U.S. District courtroom, erupted in cheers and applause when the verdict was read about 2 p.m. Marshall stood and hugged Dana Hanna, his court-appointed attorney.

Afterward, Hanna noted that people have said a Native American cannot get a fair trial in front of an all-white jury in South Dakota. “We have proved them wrong today,” he said.

Prosecutors had tried to prove that Marshall, 59, provided the handgun used to kill Aquash, who some in AIM believed was a government informant.

Arlo Looking Cloud, who was convicted in 2004 of her murder and is serving life in prison, was the government’s key witness. After years of denying that he, John Graham, Theda Clarke and Aquash had stopped at Marshall’s home in Allen just hours before Aquash was killed near Wanblee, Looking Cloud came forward in 2008 to say they had stopped in Allen and that Marshall had given them a handgun.

On the witness stand last week, Looking Cloud claimed he did not tell the story sooner because he was afraid of Marshall.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Mandel suggested to jurors that there was another reason Looking Cloud didn’t talk sooner. If he had mentioned going to Marshall’s to get a gun, Looking Cloud would have been admitting he knew Aquash would be killed, Mandel said.

Mandel cited evidence that Clarke had given Graham a note that read something like, “take care of this baggage.”

“Folks, there wasn’t any baggage,” he said. “There was only a human being they wanted taken care of, and that was Annie Mae Pictou … ‘Take care of it?’ Hey, you can draw your own conclusions as to what that meant.”

In order for Marshall to be convicted, federal prosecutors had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he had both provided the gun and known it would be used to kill Aquash. Hanna suggested in his closing arguments that the government had proven neither.

“This case of the government consists of the words that came out of Arlo Looking Cloud’s mouth and Serle Chapman’s mouth,” neither of which Hanna said were credible.

Hanna argued that Looking Cloud made up the story about Marshall in hopes of getting out of prison and because Looking Cloud believed Marshall had “ratted him out” to investigators.

And Hanna questioned why Chapman, a British writer, did not tell investigators until 2008 about an unrecorded conversation in which he said he asked Marshall about the gun.


Contact Heidi Bell Gease at 394-8419 or




Monica J Charles

Anna Mae Aquash is the stuff of legends. She died in her prime under mysterious circumstances. She was only thirty years old and the mother of two small children. She was beautiful, smart and shined with promise. She was friends with the American Indian Movement leadership and the rank and file….CONTINUE STORY AT STELLAR HEALING

(The story of Anna Mae Aquash
Arlo Looking Cloud)

I don’t have words to name the anguish I have carried for Anna Mae, Arlo and John. Thirty years ago hope was a luminous butterfly breaking out of her cocoon in my heart. The days of the old movement, the 1970’s brought out the best in us, and the worst.

We flew to the sun and stole light at the occupation of Wounded Knee 1973 as our rag tag band of Indians yanked our history and destiny from the hands of the United States government. Wounded Knee had been synonymous with the death of our way of life. Close your eyes and you can see Big Foot and his people, frozen where they fell, shot by American soldiers…..CONTINUE THIS STORY AT STELLAR HEALING


WOW! Is this an example of our Federal dollars at work? Not sure who SNAPPLE is but since he came to my house uninvited supporting  Special Agent Joseph Trimbach. As a courtesy I put up a video that he thinks is relevant to the John Graham/Richard Marshall debacle trial. I think the trial is tearing apart Indian country but mostly the mainstream media does not report on it…another example of how the United States continues their ongoing history of racist beliefs and actions against the indigenous people population of this beautiful land.

Although I posted the video late last night with his name in caps he cannot seem to find it even though I also linked the post to his own blog LEGEND OF PINE RIDGE. Snapple is upset not  only because he thinks I did not put up Two Elks video but because he mistakenly  wrote on a previous post “the FBI is against Indians” He corrected himself but apparently he has no sense of humor. SNAPPLE claims I was making fun at his expense and that he is “older”…not sure what that means…at any rate he is an “older” person who quickly resorts to insults and tantrums when he thinks he has not gotten his way. On top of that I specifically told him that I would post it sometime…I was going to wait until the weekend but stayed up last night..

Mr. Snapple you need to read RULES FOR COMMENTING ON MY BLOG.

Here is one of several comments he left on my blog…I am responding in parenthesis

You are obviously a stupid little idiot who is not able to argue honestly if you choose to make something of an older person’s typing error. And lazy and dishonest not to post TWo Elk’s recent video.

I have given you the youtube link a few times.

Monica and Anna Mae both were both reportedly in a relationship to Dennis Banks, although he was married to Ka-Mook.(Noo….Monica Charles says she was not in a relationship with Dennis Banks and what is your source to such a claim? Do you just throw that stuff out there hoping a sex scandal will spice things up? You sound like the NATIONAL ENQUIRER!)

Monica’s brother (where do you get your information??? Do you think everybody with the last name of Charles is Monicas brother???) Norman was allegedly with Peltier when the FBI agents were shot.

Monica is pretty much at ground zero and spends a lot of time discrediting Indians such as Richard Two Elk and Ka-Mook, who have told the authorities what they witnessed so that there would be evidence to take to court.(Didn’t Ka-Mook get paid 49,000 for her testimony? She basically testified heresay and seven months later married one of the governments lead investigators in the  Anna Mae Aquash case. From what I understand Richard Two Elk’s testimony is so bad and he has put out so many conflicting stories that he is not taken too seriously on the stand….or by PBS.)

Here is something Two Elk said about what Dennis Banks ordered boys to do during the occupation:

“I was there, at Wounded Knee. At the age of 19, I backpacked weapons and supplies into the village with my AIM brothers. I remember it was near Easter, because that’s when our leader, Dennis Banks, ordered us to ‘take care’ of a young white guy, suspected of being an informant. We knew what that meant. We strung him up on a cross in a mock crucifixion, and beat him. After we took him down, they led him away and I don’t think he was ever heard from again.”(Richard Two Elk has apparently written several different versions of this incident…If this is true why have the FBI not prosecuted him for murder???)

Agnes Gildersleeve testified that Indian people were held in a church and threatened with guns. AIM took over a disabled man’s trailer and other people’s homes.

Agnes recounts:

“[AIM] took complete control of the telephone service and local residents were not permitted to answer any of the phones. When my phone would ring, an armed guard would immediately answer the phone and direct the call over to [disabled Wilber Reigert’s stolen] trailer house where Banks, Means, and Bellecourt were located…” (Trimbach p. 88) (The Gildersleeves were well known for taking advantage of Native Americans at their trading post…selling objects offensive to Native Americans. Here is Steve Hendricks talking about the Gildersleeves:

Tim Giago writes that I unfairly impugned the honor of the late Clive and Agnes Gildersleeve. The Gildersleeves owned the trading post at Wounded Knee, which was looted by militants who had seized the village to protest oppression on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and beyond. Sloppily lumping my book The Unquiet Grave with Peter Matthiessen’s In The Spirit of Crazy Horse, Giago writes, “In [the two books], you will read about a ‘white man’ and a woman often referred to as a ‘white woman,’ although Agnes Gildersleeve was an Ojibwa woman, who ‘ripped off’ the local Lakota people. This apparently justifies the attacks upon them and the destruction of their business.”

I did not write that Ms. Gildersleeve was white, did not use the words “ripped off” (though they are not far from the truth), and did not excuse the attack on them or their business. I did explain why many Indians hated the business:

“Its owners, the Gildersleeve and Czywczynski families, had strewn billboards for seventy-five miles that announced, SEE THE WOUNDED KNEE MASSACRE SITE, VISIT THE MASS GRAVE. POSTCARDS, CURIOS, DON’T MISS IT! The postcards showed slaughtered Indians, including Chief Big Foot, frozen in the 1890 snow. The traders enlivened their commerce with beadwork, quilts, and other curios bought low from Oglalas and sold high. A Catholic priest once watched Mrs. Czywczynski barter a beader to a stingy $3.50 for an exquisite work, then turn around and sell it for $12.00. The traders doubled as creditors, lending their Indian patrons $10 at humble interest of $2.25 a week. As village postmasters, they also offered a rudimentary auto-payment–opening the mail of customers who had run tabs, cashing their checks without asking, paying their bills at the post, and calling other shopkeepers across the reservation to see if debts were owed them too. There had been calls to boycott the post, but none had worked. The post was the only store for a dozen miles, and the many carless Oglalas of Wounded Knee had no choice but to buy groceries and other wares at its inflated prices. Years later Clive Gildersleeve was called to testify about his business practices, and he invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself ninety-nine times.”

Giago goes on to paint me as an apologist for the American Indian Movement, which led the Indian rights struggle of the 1970s. This is rank distortion. Mine was the first book to describe AIM’s secret killing inside Wounded Knee of an activist named Ray Robinson, and the book’s centerpiece was AIM’s infamous execution of Anna Mae Aquash two years later. As Giago well knows, I condemned AIM sharply for these and lesser brutalities, and more than one AIM leader has threatened me for my pains. What riles Giago is that I also praised AIM (the overwhelming majority of whose members were peaceful) for fighting oppression, and I denuded the oppressors, from small-timers like the Gildersleeves to big-timers like the FBI, the latter of which persistently goaded AIM to just the sort of violence it committed. In Indian Country, the haves like Giago have long fought to keep the have-nots in their place. It is one reason the have-nots are still so multitudinous.


I have posted on this before. I thought maybe it was something new…Richard Two Elk the man who wrote the forward to AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA also makes videos. This is being put up again for SNAPPLE who runs the THE LEGEND OF PINE RIDGE blog. After watching it again I still have the same opinion….after the video…

I have several problems with this video…Richard Two Elks supposedly owns and produces videos yet he doesn’t know not to wear a hat on camera…indoors either as far as I am concerned. I was raised that it is disrespectful. Another thing that bothers me is that Richard Two Elks never speaks confidently into the camera…he hides his face and is always looking down at a prepared statement he also mumbles and slurs. It was a bizarre video the first time I watched it and still is. Richard Two Elks was at Wounded Knee II he knows who everyone is and the history….I still get names confused…but I can tell you what I know and believe….looking you in the eye confident that I am true to my feelings and in my beliefs based on what I know…But as I said this might be a difference between whites and Indians?? I am not trying to be mean but the video lacks passion and conviction for the subject never mind that I do not agree with all that is in the video….

Because I have read many other things by Richard Two Elk….I have a hard time believing that these are his words…this is how Richard Two Elks usually writes in some weird voice. This is a comment to me for posting the SNAPPLE post on alt.native

so…why da hill ya postin it hear?…

not nuff room onyer Clog, i meanz…blog…?

please refrain from redundant posting of content which may be read
elsewhere, in it’s entirety, IF anyone should want…


and this

da mistake ya repeatedly recycle IS…ya seem to bleev we all wanna
play yer stoopid pre-adolescent games witya…
AxeUWally…we find sum sick entertainment in watchin you flop

pass dat Popcorn puleez…

and this from another post

if’n ya kickout 9 or 10 o yer C&Pz dat outta move yer last act o
IDIOCY off da Front Page anywhoz…

den ya kin maka neu face til Sizzle catch up witya N Cookya agin…

Dang…me Know ya Gotta B havin Bic Phun messin witus, eh?

Like I said it may be a difference between whites and Indians…but Monica Charles doesn’t speak like that…its weird like he has to create another  personality for???

I could be wrong but I was raised in a very conservative home and while I am quite liberal in my political views…I mostly carry quite conservative values and this man really bothers me…

One of the other things that bothers me about Richard Two Elks is that he admits to hanging a man on a cross and beating him…I know he was young but he was never charged by the FBI and speaks of the incident in the forward he  wrote(?) to Special Agent Joseph Trimabach’s book AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA. I am a huge believer that all laws should be for all people….while I may not be happy with the prison system in the United States…I believe that run correctly it should be a place where people are held accountable for their actions…I think it is a necessary step to healing all parties involved.I think that people either rise to the occasion or remain unable to confront the horror of what they have done and thus are never able to be totally free. I do not believe that informers involved in crimes should get lesser sentences than those they have informed on…I do think that it should be a consideration after remorseful behavior and parole is being considered. Richard Two Elk reminds me of someone who is not proud of who he has become.

There are a lot of accusations flung about on alt.native and I try not to pay attention to the ones that are just insults being flung around…there are a lot….one of the accusations being hurled around for awhile was that the “real victims” of  Wounded Knees were those whose homes were destroyed and that the occupiers of Wounded Knee should sew blankets. Some write like the people are living in cardboard boxes not with no blankets or food….Wounded Knee seems to be  a very emotional and sacred site, there was a movement of Indians who were being repressed by the government State and Federal….they thought quite mistakenly that a group of individuals with a few rifles were a match for for the United States government…and like Japan-they were wrong.

The appropriate response after Wounded Knee would have been for the governor at the time to declare an emergency ask for Federal money in order for the owners to rebuild….if this was not done? Shame should be on our government.

The video is very one sided and while Richard Two Elk claims PBS neglected to tell the  death of  a black supporter at Wounded Knee.. he fails to mention that he hung someone on a cross and beat them to death…this person has disappeared and apparently he changes his story…AIM took him….the FBI took him…??? This is a man who the FBI has chosen as their spokes person on AIM and Wounded Knee. Further more this video fails to mention the abuse and murder of Indian children on Pine Ridge…a little girls eye was shot out. Houses and cars were routinely shot up….even some of the lawyers for the occupiers were beaten.  A young woman named Jancita Eagle Deer was raped by the future Governor…He was disbarred by the tribal courts…but the FBI was so racist against Indians that they did not consider the tribal judge to be legitamate….because he was Indian?? There are so many twists and turns to this story I encourage all of you who are interested to read THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks. He seems to be unbiased and often criticizes or praises both the FBI and AIM.

The fact of the matter is PBS could do a five part series on Wounded Knee II and never be able to cover all of the finger pointing and accusations. The murder of Anna Mae Aquash alone has more whodunnit theories than CARTERS HAS LIVER PILLS!

My solution to all of this is to either let it drop or to put every single person under sodium penethol or hook them up to lie detector tests…every FBI agent, BIA workers…all of the major characters on Pine Ridge…in AIM…FBI informants…even with all of that peoples faulty memories probably still wouldn’t be enough to find out what really happened.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

On the night of  Friday, April 4th, 1975, two weeks after(Doug) Durham was unmasked(by AIM as an FBI informant), two teenagers in a Pontiac GTO were careening across the southern Nebraska plain when they collided with a woman on foot. A suitcase she was carrying was impaled on the bumper of their car,  the rest of her belongings were scattered across 70 feet, and her body was thrown 150 feet from the point of impact. When deputy sheriffs arrived, they found Jancita Eagle Deer lying partly across the road, perpendicular to traffic, and had badly mangled-dead beyond question. The boys who hit her said she was standing in the middle of their driving land and appeared to be weaving and disheveled. They hit her, they said, at fifty or fifty-five miles per hour and did not stop to see whether she was alive or dead, or even to move her out of traffic. Instead they continued to a nearby farmhouse and called the police. The deputies believed the boys’ general story but did not find the details convincing. Their survey of the accident scene suggested that Eagle Deer had been standing not in the middle of the lane but much closer to the shoulder and that the boys had been driving much faster than fifty-five. They had hit her because they were driving recklessly. The officers, however, did not issue so much as a written warning to the driver. Coincidentally or not, the driver belonged to one of the more prosperous families of the nearby town of Aurora and, unlike his victim, was white.

A  few months later AIM’s Paula Giese made a more thorough investigation. She apparently spoke with the boys, who said that Eagle Deer had been “trying to flag them down. They assumed she had been pushed from a car by ‘some guy she wouldn’t put out for’ and had a few laughs about this. As they sped toward her, they expected her to jump out of the way, but they struck her.” Giese concluded that the boys had been criminally reckless but did not kill Eagle Deer intentionally.

She wondered, however, about Doug Durham . During her investigation, Giese learned that on Eagle Deer’s final afternoon, she had left South Dakota’s Rosebud Reservation for Des Moines with a dark-haired man in a late-sixties blue Chevrolet. The two of them were last seen in Valentine, Nebraska  just south of Rosebud. The logical route from Valentine to DesMoines passed a hundred miles north of where Eagle Deer was killed. no one could explain her presence outside Aurora. Giese suspected that  the dark-haired man was Durham and that if Eagle Deer had indeed been unsteady and disheveled just before her death, it was because Durham had beaten her and kicked her out of his car, perhaps while it was moving.

Giese had reason for her suspicions: eight months before her end, Durham had taken Eagle Deer for a lover and had quickly become her batterer.

The two had met in the summer of 1974. When Johnny cake came to AIM that July with his story about the rape of Eagle Deer, it was Durham whom Dennis Banks sent to investigate the claim. By coincidence, Durham and Eagle Deer both lived in Des Moines at the time.

Durham brought Eagle Deer to the AIM office in St. Paul, seducing her en route.

“About fifteen seconds after I first laid eyes on her,” Paula Giese wrote, “Jancita blurted out to me the story of the rape, the fact, as she saw it, that she was going to marry Durham, a few facts about his twenty-thousand-dollar a year salary in AIM, which caused my jaw to drop even further, and some facts about the near-fatal illness for which she was going to help him get cured. I felt it was hopeless to enlighten her, although in seven months of working ‘under’ Durham at the AIM house, I already knew he was a rotten character so far as women are concerned and I also knew he didn’t have leukemia, although he had for a while conned me into excusing a lot on the grounds that he’d soon be dead.”

Eagle Deer told AIM the story of the rape, and AIM declined at first to press it. when Eagle Deer dropped out of sight, Giese assumed Durham had taken her back to Des Moines. In fact, he had set her up in a Twin Cities apartment. “She was kept drunk,” Giese later claimed, “and a few Indian women became aware that Durham was, in effect, pimping for her.” He was also beating her. Once, when she threatened to leave him, he said if she did so, AIM would take her daughter and raise her “as an Indian” on a reservation.

Eagle Deer stayed put.

Three months after Eagle Deer was killed, Paula Giese received a call at the AIM office from a man who would not give his name but whose stiff manner and diction made her think he was a lawman.

“I understand you are interested in Doug Durham and are investigating the death of a young Indian girl, Jancita Eagle Deer,” the man said. “You might like to know that the license of the car that picked her up on the afternoon of April 4”-the day of her death-“was checked. the car belongs to Durham’s father.”

The man did not explain how a license plate number had been found for the car, nor did he say anything else before hanging up.

…the Sheldahls, (Jancita’s relatives) told Giese that when the Nebraska police gave them Eagle Deer’s personal effects, her address book was missing. Eagle Deer had always kept the book with her and, according to one witness, had it when she left rosebud on the day of ther death. The Sheldahls said the FBI had questioned them more than once about the adderss book’s whereabouts. They also said that not long after Eagle Deer’s death, their house was broken into. Nothing of value was taken, but Eagle Deer’s papers had been gone through and some may have been removed. The Sheldahls were certain that Durham or his colleagues were responsible for the break-in. “But what can we do?” one of the Sheldahls said. “Those people have so much power.”


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

Previously a young Jancita Eagle Deer alleges that Bill Janklow raped her. The investigation, like many rape investigations on reservations at the time (I hope things have gotten better),is poorly conducted with adults hesitating, unwilling to do their jobs. Years later she attends a press conference publicly stating that she was victimized. The press conference does not end well for her and she is accused of making up the story by Bill Janklow”s lawyer Jeremiah Murphy.

The story continues…

The reporters never asked how Jeremiah Murphy had seen the papers he said he had seen, papers like Eagle Deer’s school and medical records. these were personal documents, protected by law from prying eyes like Murphy’s, as any lawyer would have known. ….

Nor, above all, did reporters investigate the truth or falsity of the competing stories told by Murphy and Eagle Deer. They simply decreed Eagle Deer wrong.

A  few days later, the Court of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Judge Mario Gonzales presiding, convened to hear evidence In re disbarment of William Janklow. The only reporter in attendance was Minnesota freelancer Kevin McKiernan. Janklow did not attend either, though Gonzalez had ordered him to appear and show cause why he should not be disbarred. Gonzalez had also ordered a BIA police officer to bring the BIA’s file on the alleged rape, but the officer’s superiors ordered him not to give Gonzalez the “confidential” file.This was a large insult. Virtually every court in the nation was entitled to review police records when relevant to a case at hand. For the BIA to  say that Judge Gonzalez could not see the records was tantamount to saying that his court was no court.

There was irony in this turn of events because tribal courts had been created a century before by the Indian Bureau to strip traditional chiefs of power and give it to Indian Judges who could be kept servile.

Gonzalez answered the BIA’s insult by jailing the officer who refused to hand over the file and promising the same for his superiors if they set foot on the reservation. Judge Bogue immediately reversed Gonzalez and, more insult to injury, misspelled his name.

Dennis Banks proceeded with his case, calling twenty witnesses against Janklow.

Eagle Deer testified, in Gonzalez’s words, “in obvious discomfort at reliving old horrors.” He found her testimony entirely credible. Kaye Lord and others recounted the rape as Eagle Deer had told them, and eagle Deer’s medical records, unlike her police file, were produced by the hospital. Contrary to the press-conference claim of Jeremiah Murphy, the records contained evidence of some kind, not made explicit by Judge Gonzalez, that was consistent with a claim of sexual assault.

“Furthermore,” Gonzalez wrote, “the evidence indicates that an obstruction of justice followed the rape. When a complaint was being made to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Special Officer, Janklow was there. No relief or representation was possible through the Legal Services Program since Mr. Janklow ran it…..testimony indicates that as recently as two months ago, Mr. Janklow offered Miss Eagledeer’s grandfather money after inquiring about her. The depth of the suffering which Miss Eagledeer conveyed in her testimony cannot be reproduced through words on paper. Feeling shame, she left the Rosebud Reservation and returned only once until today. Her foster parents testified that her grades and interest in school fell after she was raped. She still feels frightened and inhibited by the beastly act committed against her by Mr. Janklow. It can only be hoped that she will come to realize that she should hold her head up proud for she has not guilt. She is a victim.”

Gonzalez disbarred Janklow from tribal court, then went one better and issued a warrant for his arrest.

The newspapers of the state might have been expected o give at least a few paragraph to the warrant, to the disbarment , or to the finding that Janklow had raped Eagle Deer.

They did not.


All excerts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

Previously young Jancita who grew up on the Rosebud Reservation has been placed in foster and the future Governor of the State of South Dakota Bill Janklow has taken her under her wing helping her with boarding school placement, adoption by her foster parents, family dinners with his wife and small children. All of this interest in a young girl has led to an accusation of rape by Jancita…and very suspicious behavior from the future Governor Bill Janklow

Dennis Banks became interested in the story of Jancita Eagle Deer in 1974…

But there was not proof , no investigative reports from Pitchlynn or the FBI, no medical exam, no physical evidence. The case was a classic he -said/she-said.

…Banks was shown Peter Pitchlynn’s BIA  report by officials of the Rosebud tribal government who were friendly to AIM. Whatever the origin and nature of the new discoveries, they convinced Banks to file a claim against Janklow. he did not, in Rosebud Tribal Court, in October 1974…

Because tribal courts do not have jurisdiction over major crimes on reservations (federal courts do), AIM accused Janklow not of rape per se but of conduct unbecoming a member of the tribal bar. (Janklow had been a member of the bar since his legal aid days on Rosebud.) In addition to the rape claim, Banks accused Janklow of drunken driving, disobeying police officers, perjury, and malpractice. Judge Gonzalez received the complaint, ordered a hearing to determine whether the would-be-attorney general should be disbarred, and appointed Banks special prosecutor-a rare turnabout of an Indian prosecuting his white prosecutor.

…a small weekly newspaper of discreetly leftist views called a press conference in Sioux Falls. The featured speakers were Jancita Eagle Deer and Peter Pitchlynn. Eagle Deer, looking exhausted and frail, was given the microphone first. She said, in a voice almost too faint to be heard, (a common occurrence for someone who has had their power taken away.) that seven years ago she had been raped by Bill Janklow. Reporters asked her to speak up. She did for a few moments, but her voice dribbled back down again. The reporters asked again, she tried again, failed again. After a few minutes, the host, publisher Richard Barnes, suggested that Eagle Deer take some time to collect herself and gave the podium to Peter Pitchlynn.

Pitchlynn said that when he investigated the case in 1967 he believed Eagle Deer’s claim that Janklow had raped her, and he still believed her today. He had recommended Janklow be prosecuted. He assumed the FBI agent who had investigated the case after him, and whose investigation trumped his, had disagreed, but he didn’t know. The agent and the assistant who declined to prosecute were both white; Pitchlynn was Indian.

When the microphone was returned to Eagle Deer, a man named Jeremiah Murphy took over the questioning. Murphy was not a reporter but a lawyer, Bill Janklow’s lawyer to be precise.

“Wasn’t Bill Janklow your guardian?” he asked Eagle Deer.

“No sir,” she said. “It was my foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Arcoren.”

“But didn’t Bill get you into this girl’s dorm, and didn’t he sign as your guardian?”

“No, he didn’t get me-“

“Why do the records show that?”

Eagle Deer said she had no idea.

“Another question. To constitute a rape there must be penetration. According to the prosecutor’s office on the Rosebud Reservation and the doctor’s reports at the Rosebud Hospital, there was no penetration. How could it be rape?”

“There was,” she protested.

“The doctor’s report shows there was no penetration, nothing happened, no physical abuse to you, no marks on your body whatsoever.”

“That’s not true.”

“It’s right there in black and white, on the reservation, in the hospital.”

“I guess Bill Janklow bought the doctor out-and the tribal chairman-” stammered Eagle Deer, clearly grasping at reeds.(This is so sad…I have to keep starting and stopping in order not to become enraged…many prayers for Jancita.)

“The records are still there,” Murphy said. “I looked at them last week.” He changed direction. “Isn’t it also true that you showed up on Bill Janklow’s doorstep since he’s been in Pierre? You’ve been to his house, you’ve called him on the telephone?”

“Yes, I called him once about two years ago.”

“And you’ve been at his house in Pierre.”

“No. I’ve never been to his house.”

“Now, there’s hotel records that show that you were in Pierre.”

“Yes, I was in Pierre.”

“And you were at his house, and Bill Janklow paid for that room so that you’d stay away from his house.” (WOW isn’t this whole exchange indicative of Bill Janklow’s inappropriate behavior??? If someone accuses you of rape do you pay for their hotel seven years later??? Jancita’s behavior is typical of someone who has never received treatment for their victimization.)

“I’ve never been at his house. he told me he would help me if ever I needed help. And so I called him. I was going through a divorce and, uh-“

“Well, if this man raped you, why in the hell would you call him for help? You said he’s threatened your life, you said he’s reaped you. And then you call this man and say, “Would you help me get a divorce?”

Murphy did not subscribe to the theory that victims could become psychologically attached to their victimizers.

“I didn’t ask him to help me get a divorce,” Eagle Deer said. “I figured he would probably do me some good if he would just help me.”

Murphy then begins to question Pitchlynn becoming more and more angry with each question.

Finally he ejaculated, “Somebody’s after Bill Janklow’s ass!…I’ve never been upset in my life, but there’s a man out there with a family, with some kids that he’s got to explain to in the morning things that were put on the television about him.”

Publisher Richard Barnes interjected, “Well, what about Jancita when she was a kid?”

“Jancita, when she was a kid, was represented by the man who’s now Attorney General Kermit Sand’s campaign chairman-Harold Doyle, the United States district attorney at the time. She was represented by good people. There was no case. It was a put-up job. You’ve been calling all over the state. Why didn’t you call and check the records on the reservation? You’ll find out that you need the U.S. attorney before you look at the damn things.”

With that, Murphy shoved papers at Eagle Deer, Pitchlynn, and Barnes-summonses for a defamation lawsuit Janklow intended to file against them-and the conference came to a close.

The story does not end here…more later…many prayers to all involved.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

I had to make another attempt to tell the story of Jancita Eagle Deer only all together instead of spread out over several chapters and without interruptions. Also without anger in my heart.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jancita  who lived on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. Indian reservations were created by very greedy white men and the greedy women who choose to sleep with them. As Americans we know the story of the Brady Bunch isn’t true…childhood is full of pain and hurt, wounds and scars, sprinkled between moments of carefree and wonderful moments. I think that Indians on Pine Ridge lived the Brady Bunch Negative Extreme…instead of families coming together the bad greedy white men rip them apart. Stole their children and sent them to houses of horror  called boarding schools. If you can imagine Satan running a boarding school….well it is probably worse than your imagination. Mothers and Father’s are helpless as greedy men and women kidnap their children re-name them in the name of Christianity (although Christ himself  would have nothing to do with the insanity of such loveless actions) subjected to all manner of abuse, readily scorned and attempts  made to scour their memory of who they really were.

Young Jancita attended one of these little houses of horror and on

“Saturday night in January 1967, Jancita Eagle Deer was checked out of her dormitory at the Rosebud Boarding School in Mission, South Dakota, by Bill Janklow. Eagle Deer was a full-blooded Lakota with bobbed hair of pitch, eyelashes of a length other girls would sell fingers for, a full cheeked smile, and a frame of pleasing proportions. She was fifteen. Her parents had been unable to care for her, owing to the same alcoholism and despair that had cleaved Anna Mae Aquash from her parents she had been placed with foster parents, John and Yvonne Arcoren, With the help of attorneyJanklow, the Arcorens were in the process of adopting Eagle Deer. Janklow had also helped Eagle Deer gain admittance to the BIA boarding school in Mission where he lived, and since the Arcorens lived twenty miles away in St. Francis, Janklow assumed an avuncular posture toward the girl. On that Saturday night, her brought her home for dinner with his family, after which she was to go to a dance. At five minutes before eight-the time would assume some importance- Janklow drove her the half-mile downtown, but the dance hall was unlit: they were too early.

“We might as well drive around until the dance starts,” Janklow said.

“Can I go to a movie?” Eagle Deer said.

He replied, in her version of the story, “Wouldn’t you rather drink with me?”

“I’d rather go to the dance.”

They may have briefly driven around the town, a sprinkling of bruised buildings and rutted streets that would not have sustained much driving, but soon they headed west into the countryside on U.S. Highway 18. A few miles from town, he turned the car north on a dirt section-line track and in the story Eagle Deer told-allof which Janklow has repeatedly and vehemently denied- drove until he reached a small rise where a gate blocked their progress…..

He reached across her seat, pushed a lever, and as the seat fell back pushed her back with it. She tried to get up but he held her down.

“The first time I saw you in my office, I was crazy about you,” he said. “And I have been ever since.” He asked her to come away with him.

She said he had a wife and children.

“To hell with them. I’ll get a divorce.”

Not knowing what else to say, she said his wife was nice and he shouldn’t divorce her, but he was unbuttoning her blouse and seemed not to hear. She hit him and said she wanted to go back to town, but he kept unbuttoning, so she kept hitting.

“Goddamn, what are you so frightened about?” he said. “I won’t hurt you.”

Funny how men think that rape will not hurt a girl….this is common among child molesters and rapists.

he got her blouse unbuttoned, unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants. He raised her skirt and tried to pull down her underwear. She was flailing, and it took some doing to get the underwear off, but at last he mounted her. The rape, according to Jancita Eagle Deer of the eighth grade, lasted about ten minutes. What she felt or thought, whether she  continued to struggle or went limp, what precisely her assailant was alleged to have done-the sounds and smells and touch of her particular hell-is nowhere recorded.

When Janklow was sated, he got off her and told her to put her underwear on. She did and pulled her skirt back down and buttoned her blouse. He reassembled himself, put the car in gear, and started back to town. The dashboard clock read 8:50

They were silent until Janklow took three dollar bills from his wallet and geve them to her. She wouldn’t tell anyone, would she?

She took the money without comment.

He said he was going to Denver on Wednesday and asked if she would come along.

“If I could take one of my girlfriends,” she said.

“Forget it.”

They drove on in silence.

“What if I wanted to check you out of the dorm. What would you do?”

“I don’t know.”

When they arrived downtown, he let her out at the dance hall and told her to come back home after the dance. She did not. Next morning, he saw her on the street with friends, ordered her into his car, and drove her home. He sent his wife to the store (?? can you imagine??? that’s why I’m not married!!!) and yelled at Eagle Deer for staying out all night. She asked him to take her back to school. At one o’clock on Sunday afternoon he did, and she went directly to a dormitory matron, Catherine Bordeaux, who could see she had been crying. Eagle Deer said she had been raped and told the foregoing story.

“Are you sure what you’re saying is true?” Bordeaux said when Eagle Deer had finished. “A false statement could get you in a lot of trouble.”

“He took advantage of me,” Eagle Deer said. “And I have proof.”

She unbuttoned her shirt, revealing what Bordeaux described as a nickel-sized “discoloration of the skin” on her upper left breast. Another hickey was visible on the right side of her neck. Eagle Deer credited both to Janklow.

While they were talking, the phone rang. It was Janklow, and he asked to talk to Eagle Deer, but Bordeaux said the girl was distraught and didn’t want to speak with him. She hung up and went to tell her supervisor, (Today she should have immediately called the police. And then notified her supervisor.) Kaye Lord, about Eagle Deer’s claim. while Lord and Bordeaux were talking, an aide rushed up to them and said that Janklow had stormed into the office where Eagle Deer was waiting and that it sounded “like big trouble in there”- the girl crying, the man hollering. Lord went in to the office and sent Eagle Deer out. (Should have sent him out) When the tearful girl emerged, she told Bordeaux in the hallway, “Mr. Janklow told me not to get him into trouble. He said he would buy me everything I wanted.”

Inside the office, Kay Lord found janklow pacing. She said, “I think you had better tell me your side of the story.”

He agreed. He said the night before, Eagle Deer had had supper with his family, after which she had asked to have a couple of drinks. He had said no. A little before eight, she asked if she could go to the dance, and a few minutes later he drove her downtown. Because the dance hall was darkened, he wouldn’t let her out of the car. She asked if he would buy her peppermint schnapps, and he said, “Of course not.” They drove for maybe thirty-five minutes.At about ten minutes to nine, he let her off at  the dance hall and told her to come home by a quarter of two. She didn’t, and he picked her up in Mission the next morning. In the afternoon he dropped her at her dormitory. That was it. He asked to see Eagle Deer.

Lord said it would be too upsetting and suggested he leave. After he did, she called Eagle Deer back into the office and asked to hear her side. Eagle Deer told the same story she had told Bordeaux and showed Lord the hickey on her breast. Lord called Eagle Deer’s stepparents and the school’s principal, but not for several hours did she call the BIA police, and not until Monday morning, thirty-six hours after the alleged rape, did a doctor at the Rosebud Hospital examine Eagle Deer.(That is so heartbreaking that adults running the boarding school could choose hour after hour to take the wrong action.)

On that Monday an investigator of the BIA, Peter Pitchlynn began an inquiry, and on Wednesday he made a report to the FBI. The FBI made its own investigation and made a report to the U.S. attorney. A month later, an assistant U.S. attorney wrote the FBI that “there is insufficient evidence to support the allegations. of the victims, and said allegations. are unfounded.” Janklow was not prosecuted.

to be continued…..


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

I have been avoiding these posts because of this chapter on Bill Janklow and Jancita Eagle Deer. It’s like I want to crawl out of my skin….turn myself inside out rip my heart out. It drives me crazy.. I wish I could copy and paste this part of the story because I want it to be over…but I have to read and type because I can’t find a good version of what happened.

I wrote the above early yesterday morning and had to quit…the story of  Jancita Eagle Deer is so sad and filled with despair…one of the many reasons that Joseph Trimbach and his FBI colleagues should be in jail along with some goons, Bill Janklow, probably half of the United States government…Monica probably thinks it should be more! (finally I made myself laugh this morning)

There seems to be little support or concern for Indian women…the men of AIM  beat their chests and congratulate themselves….they seem to be more concerned with a power struggle and prestige…titles. Things the white government has taught. It is the same for all women…we have lost much of the ground during the eight years of the Bush administration…but in America today it seems that Indian women are so strong and the most abused and looked down upon.

I think the two stories have been merging on me as of late…injustice for women continues. You can read more about Anatomy of a Threat on THE ABUSE PAPERS

Strong women

Here is a picture of Jancita Eagle Deer and a link to her story here and here and here.


Other strong and beautiful women I have encountered surrounding this and the issue of abuse are

Monica Charles who got me involved in this

Martha Alvarez a young woman who speaks with such conviction against her abuser…she  has inspired bloggers to confront the issue.

Anna Mae Aquash who through her spirit is working tirelessly as ever.(There are  no sites that I know of that are non-biased about Anna Mae Aquash…they all seem to have an agenda. Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks that they are right. While I am reading The Unquiet Grave, I have formed no opinion on who did it. I do have a strong opinion that the FBI was grossly negligent and incompetent in their duties to American citizens.

Shusli of Spring Thunder blog who was one of the original supporters of Martha Alvarez’s right to speak against her abuser.

Mary Ann Little Bear a little girl who had her eye shot out and the FBI and BIA police couldn’t be bothered to investigate. I truly hope she is doing well now.

Ellen Moves Camp...who had the courage to ask “Where are all our men?”

I have encountered some good men, the most graceful and humble Jumpybird on alt.native he probably does not know that his example does have a profound effect on some.Then there is  brave Eugene Johnson from Pudgy Indian 2….Having a hard time coming up with more will add them later if I can think of any.

Peace to all..

and my prayers to Runningwolf in this difficult time she is experiencing.









Much love to Ordinary Sparrow who is a constant reminder that there is another way.


ANNA MAE 56/Grrrrrr!!!

As some of you know I have been on vacation of the road trip sort….It was good to get away from the Anna Mae story, the posts were getting short because I would get pissed off…outraged. When I was young grown-ups would tell me that I was too ideal and that the world was not ideal….they said I would change. I didn’t. In fact as an adult and encountering opportunities to further my career, money  or social status in exchange for a bit of corruption….found I could not live with myself. Having faced the choice….I am even more adamant in my beliefs…there is a whole process when it comes to choosing between  the right thing and the wrong thing.

I used to worry the trial would be over long before I was halfway through the book after being in the desert for a week I had the thought that it was all waiting for me. How is that for ego??

What I need to say is how terribly wrong all of this is.

All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.


Grrrrr. Chapter 9 is about Bill Janklow….not sure that man’s name should even be uttered on my blog ever again. One time I was listening to G.Gordon Liddy and he was on a tangent because Ted Turner had made some statement that the TEN COMMANDMENTS didn’t mean anything anymore…G. Gordon Liddy in that correct, precise, enunciation of the English language of his said something to the effect of…”Well, I guess if you have broken all ten commandments they would not mean anything to you”. Kind of reminds me of BJ (interesting initials).

Soooo President Ford nominates this accused rapist and future murderer to the board of directors of Legal Services Corporation. By the way my Dad drank and drove every single day of my life growing up…never ran over anyone. Didn’t drive like a fucking idiot like this BJ. My Dad was courteous and would pull over if a car wanted to pass him….I still do that (pull over not drink and drive!).

This  position requires Senate confirmation and when he was called for questioning he had disappeared. Apparently he flew home..

He told them he had left the hearing room when a network television crew arrived because he did not care for his past to be debated before the entire nation.” (Waaaahhhh! Is this a Republican or South Dakota trait?? Send that man a crying towel.)

Jimmie Durham , who ran a group called the International Indian Treaty Council (an offshoot of AIM that worked for indigenous rights worldwide)…..told the Senate that Janklow had raped Eagle Deer (Jancita) and had committed other crimes as enumerated in Judge Gonzalez’s Rosebud courtroom. Durham also said that since becoming attorney general, Janklow had sent eighty state troopers to assault a pork plant that was seized by Indians on the Yankton Reservation. The assault was illegal because  only the federal and tribal governments had jurisdiction over reservation crimes. Janklow’s troopers had no more authority to quell a disturbance on Yankton than in Omaha.

Grrrrrr. You might think that his cowardly actions would raise some suspicions but the FBI had already investigated him and found the rape charges baseless….now the White House turned to the FBI again (too fucking tired to rant about that!

GUESS WHAT??? Those corrupt fucks at the FBI said

…”these allegations are simply unfounded”

Senator Jacob Javits of New York….declared the exoneration of Republican Janklow by a Democrat-controlled Senate (Yet another reason to be a Socialist!) “a vindication of your system….We all can be very proud (Apparently Jacob Javits has very low standards) that this was the result, and you should take satisfaction from it rather than laboring under any feeling that you have been harassed. (Jacob Javis did it ever occur to you that bj felt harassed because he was….guilty???) You have really proved something very, very useful and important to our country.” (INDEED YOU HAVE PROVEN THE SENATE TO BE FULL OF IDIOTS AND THAT THE FBI IS CORRUPT…THAT OUR SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING!!!)

So much for Peace and harmony!!

HERE IS YET ANOTHER ACCOUNT OF JANCITA EAGLE DEER this pisses me off more than Anna Mae’s story…Anna Mae was older and stronger with more of a sense of who she was…Janklow probably robbed Jancita of that right.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

This stuff is like a surface….with all of those evil scary clowns…

After Attorney General Levi announced the misdemeanor indictments, Wilson and his men had themselves charged in tribal court….

They pleaded no contest, were fined $10 a head.

Unbelievable! Dennis Ickes was prosecuting the case and had no witnesses because he thought he had Fred and Everett Brewer turning state’s evidence.

Hours before they were to testify, they reneged on their plea agreements. Judge Bogue could have jailed them for contempt until they testified, but instead approved the reneging.

Dick Wilson was tried first, separately from his men, with the counsel of  John Fitzgerald, a onetime lawyer for the Boston Mafia who had moved west in 1973 after starting his car one morning and setting off a massive bomb. One leg lighter but miraculously alive, Fitzgerald had offered his services to WKLDOC, most of whose members blanched at the offer. But the iconoclastic Mark Lane brought him into the fold, and Fitzgerald was soon sitting in on strategy sessions for the Custer trials. a few weeks later, special prosecutor Bill Janklow announced that he was hiring a new assistant to help with the Custer cases-one John Fitzgerald.

After some protest by WKLDOC Fitzgerald was withdrawn.

WKLDOC could not convince either Judge Joseph Bottom on the state bench or Judge Bogue on the Federal bench that Janklow, as WKLDOC alleged, had illegally invaded the defense camp.

Are there any statistics of how many Indians on Pine Ridge died of high blood pressure…this shit is enough to give a person heart failure…every day I say I am going to write a whole bunch but I cannot because I get too angry and upset.

At the trial of Dick Wilson, Fitzgerald told the jury with a straight face that Wilson was not at the airport on February 26.

The trial lasted four days, and the jury deliberated four hours before acquitting Wilson of all counts. Of the twelve jurors, twelve were white.

So much for a trial by your peers.

On Pine Ridge, the prevailing opinion was that if white lawyers fared this badly when they took Dick Wilson to trial, mere Indians didn’t have a prayer.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

The FBI did a lackadaisical job of investigating the beating of the WKLDOCkers. The one thing that they turned up was an incident that was a prologue to the beating.

Earlier that afternoon Dick Marshall, an Oglala and low-level AIM leader, had an appearance in tribal court on a charge of disorderly conduct. (Marshal said he had only been resisting a goon attack, for which he was charged with a trumped-up crime.) Marshall came to court with a vanful of friends including Russell Means, and demanded a trial by jury rather than by one of Wilson’s judges.

The judge closed the court apparently intimidated by the show of support for Dick Marshall. There was a group of police and goons gathered in the parking lot in anticipation of a caravan from AIM two days before the second anniversary of Wounded Knee. Duane Brewer began challenging members of AIM  to fight and they all declined until he smashed Russel Means in the face with his fist.

The van that AIM was using drove away the BIA police captain Joseph Jacobs…

…radioed ahead for other goons to stop the van because when the AIMers neared the airport, a few miles to the east, a car emerged from the parking lot of the tribal planning building and blocked the highway.

“Let’s ram that sucker!” Means said, and the driver of the van, Tom Poor Bear, jammed the accelerator. The goons in the car reversed their makeshift roadblock off the highway in a hurry, and as the van passed, the AIMers threw open the sliding door and emptied their shotguns at the car….

Within the hour, the planeload of WKLDOCkers landed at Pine Ridge Airport, completely ignorant of these events.

In the meantime, Brewer returned to tribal headquarters and blackened the eyes of a court officer who had held him back when he was attacking the AIMers.

Now is the point where AIM starts acting like the FBI, the colonizers…I understand the frustrations that would lead to such actions but they will never work against the United States government….It didn’t before there were tanks, and planes, and machine guns…there is a never ending supply of men that are all to0 eager and willing to do the dirty work for the government.

AIM started firing potshots at people who drove by the mass grave of Wounded Knee and they set up a road block in Porcupine and threatened the townspeople.

The FBI continued its half- hearted investigation of the incident…when all was said and done Russel Means, and Dick Marshall, and Tom Poor Bear were indicted for firing on the goons from their van. Wilson and his goons walked.

This all reminds me of a show I watched many years ago on elephants. Colonizers removed the children…demoralized the adults and elders so they could be repressed continued this for a few century out of fear that minorities that they had wronged for so long would rise up and retaliate and now it has also spread to the colonizers…parents get divorced don’t have time to raise their children…too many single mothers…the effect on society is devastating. The show is sliced and diced into 3 minutes but after an hour of searching it was all I could find. If you ever have the opportunity to watch the whole thing it is well worth it!

Well behaved elders are so very important to our future generations.

ANNA MAE AQUASH 52/SO FAR THE FBI HAS TOLD MULTIBLE LIES IN A COURT OF LAW, IGNORED A CHILD SHOT IN THE EYE, A TEENAGE BOY GIVEN LIQUOR, A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL THAT WAS RAPED, MULTITUDES OF INDIANS BEING BEATEN, AND NOW WHITE LAWYERS FOR AIM(my apologies for anyone I have missed…it is too much for me to remember. I was thinking of turning it into a song to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas…only I have a real sick feeling that it will exceed twelve.

All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

It has been a while since I have been in a funk for this long….they usually only last a few hours these days.

I finally finished reading POWWOW HIGHWAY. (Way better than the movie!!!) I read a few chapters ahead of THE UNQUIET GRAVE because I wanted to see if Steve Hendricks wrote more about Jancita Eagle Deer. He did….and a lot of other things that did not help me to get out of this mood I have been in.

In Chapter 8 a team from WKLDOC  was looking to fly out of Pine Ridge airport when they got to their plane it hsd rounds of shot in it damaging

the fuselage, cabin, engine compartment and wings, making it unfit to fly.

While on of the team snapped hurried photographs of the damage, the other moved legal files from the plane to the car. As they did so, they noticed cars whipping in and out of the parking lot of the nearby tribal planning building..

The six WKLDOCkers squeezed back intoFinzel’s convertible and made for the exit, but before they could reach it they were cut off by a dozen cares that raced off the nearby highway and into the airport parking lot. Dick Wilson’s car was in the lead. He stuck an arm out the window and pointed to the convertible, and the following cars encircled it and came to a halt. Out stepped twenty-five or thirty goons. One sat on a pickup fender with a pump-action shotgun leveled at the convertible’s windshield. The WCKLDOCers rolled up windows and punched door locks, as the goons tried the handles without luck. Because it was winter, the roof of the convertible was on. A tall, muscled specimen walked up to the driver’s side of the car and yelled at the WCKLDOCkers to get out. Finzel knew him as Duane Brewer, an expoliceman and Vietnam veteran who ran the tribe’s highway safety program.

Finzel answered Brewer that the WKLDOCkers were just fine where they were.

“I can’t hear you through the window!” Brewer shouted.

“I can hear you fine!” Finzel shouted back.

This opinion wrought bedlam. Brewer kicked at the window, and the rest of the goons, as if on cue, swarmed over the hood and trunk and stomped out the windshield and rear glass. One of them struck a knife in the convertibles roof and ripped a hole above Ginzel’s head. Hands rushed through, one tugging Finzel’s hair, another punching his face. A second gash was made over the backseat, and Bernard Escamilla, the Wounded Knee defendant whose case the WKLDOCkers had come to investigate, was pounded with fists and boots. the car was rocked wildly, glass began to shatter. Brewer yelled something about Finzel having been involved in an incident at the tribal court house.

“There must be a mistake !” Finzel screamed. “Get Dick Wilson! He knows I wasn’t there!”

Dick Wilson came for ward and the goons asked him what he wanted them to do with the WKLDOCkers

“Stomp ’em,” he said. “I want you to stomp ’em.”

The goons then resumed the beating of the WKLDOCkers. Some of the WCKLDOCkers decided it best to leave the vehicle.

William Rossmoore, the lawyer who had piloted the plane left…

He made it twenty or thirty yards before being beaten into the ice and muck of a nearby ditch. Each time he rose, a boot crashed into his ribs or calves and down he went again. Eventually he stopped trying to get up, but the boots kept coming all the same.

I have to interrupt this because I was trying to imagine what it is like to be that ruthless….to just pound and kick someone and then have to live with it, what lies you tell yourself….the excuses for your animal behavior. Then I had a thought that this was brought on by someone who once felt powerless in life. Instead of remembering the pain in his life and choosing not to commit the crimes that were committed against him he chose to worship the worst of his life. A lot of this stuff  with AIM was about full bloods vs. half bloods. It goes on today but imagine back then what it must have been like growing up on a reservation with insults being hurled like rocks at the young ones growing up…each side thinking they were better…these adults can’t figure it out and then they bemoan that another generation is lost to gangs, drugs and alcohol…it goes on in every minority. I just ran into a man who married an Indian (from India) and her parents have banned her from their lives…they talk to the white husband but the daughter has to stay in the car. This is 2009 and people still care about that shit. Imagine how bad their children are going to feel and with the mother banned will it have a reverse effect? Will the children grow up ashamed their mother is from India? Since she is the one banned? Kind of like white people adopting babies….never mind all of the black children that need to be adopted..can’t have a dark skinned baby…gotta go to Romania and then China, and Vietnamese, Mexico….Only since Angelina Jolie adopted African children has it become more fashionable with Madonna following the trend.

Seriously because of our actions as adults we make the next generation feel bad about them selves…this is no different than standing them before you and throwing mud on them. And then you have white people that are plagued with self hatred like Ward Churchill…a white person who says he is an Indian…what sort of message is that? Why not just say you are a white person that follows Indian ways because they make more sense to you…where did that shame and hatred come from? I certainly hate the actions that whites have taken part in but I’m not about to hate myself for being born white. (I was raised to hate myself for other reasons but not for being white!!!) If you are half white and half something else and you hate the white side…what you are teaching your children or your nephews and nieces is how to hate….themselves. But as I have observed many parents love their hate more than they love their children.  White people are masters at this we use the bible, race, income, beliefs, divorce any excuse to hate…..we mostly love our hate more than we love our children. But things have gotten a lot better in many ways but we also see extreme religions that are putting girls back into servitude or treated as property and then we see other parents completely ignoring their children…treating them like adults long before they are ready. Parents who let their young children watch anything on tv. As if they have never heard of age appropriate. They let them make adult decisions when they are still children.

Good Lord I have written a novel!! I will conclude this by saying that children watch how adults behave and treat each other. That is where they learn their future…never mind the past.

O.K….getting back to the story. THE WKLDOCkers are getting the shit kicked out of them by the goons. Finzel is beat until he loses consciousness..

Bernard Escamilla, who had been well-battered even before leaving the car, was thrashed to the asphalt on emerging and kicked mercilessly int he gut, he rolled over to protect himself but succeeded only in transferring the kicks to his back. He managed to stagger up once, but a fist smashed his skull and he wilted.

The two women WKLDOCkers remained in the car held at knife point  by a goon. The beatings finally stopped and the goons threatened them to leave and never come back or they would be killed. They called the U.S. Marshals Service in rapid City to ask for help and the Marshals told them to call the BIA. Now that breaks my heart…

They did call the BIA and who of course were no help. So they turned to the FBI….that of course was a joke. Then they tried to call friends on Pine Ridge and were told that the goons had set up road blocks and that they had attacked Severt Young Bear(I have heard of him somewhere….) and Marvin Ghost Bear who were Wilson critics.

Someone finally lent the WKLDOCkers a car and thy went to St. John’s Hospital in Rapid City…

Rossmoore, Gordon, Finzel, and Escamilla were treated for multiple contusions. three doctors and two dozen X rays were required to rule out broken bones in Finzel’s head, neck, chest, back, and legs, all of which were badly contused. Several of his muscles had been ripped from his bones, and cartilage in his ribcage had been ruptured. Escamilla had a broken arm, and his viscera wee bruised and possibly bleeding. He was kept in the hospital for two days to make sure none of his organs gave out. Rossmoore had sprains that took months to heal. Gordon suffered from knifed hands.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

I am ever so depressed to be reading THE UNQUIET GRAVE this morning. The perfect white world where everybody can “pull them selves up by their boot straps” and there is a chicken in the pot and a car in the driveway….(yes I am aware that countries have it much worse than we do but I do not judge our country by the lowest of human standards) …is crumbling all around. The story of corruption just gets worse and worse.

As Monica mourns the history of her people, I mourn the loss of the facade of mine. Well I don’t mourn it in the sense that I regret it’s being torn apart. I mourn that it wasn’t true….or only true for a very small segment. And for that small segment it is only true as long as you remain ignorant to what is happening in the areas or circles that you don’t normally travel. It is only true if you think that the rights of human beings exclude minorities, activists, or those of lower income.

The trial of Dennis Banks and Russel Means was so outrageous  that the judge lectured the prosecution for an hour and threw out the remaining charges against Banks and Means.

It was an enormously important decision, or should have been. But as the trial’s foremost historian, John Sayer, wrote,”To a public saturated with misconduct at the highest levels of government, the escapades of the FBI at a trial somewhere in the Midwest could not have mattered much….”

Days after Nichol dismissed the case, the Justice Department named. R.D. Hurd and David Gienapp  two of the nation’s outstanding assistant U.S. attorneys. Banks likened the commendations to the Congressional Medals of Honor given the Seventh Cavalry after the massacre at Wounded Knee.

In the following months, both the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office undertook postmortems to determine what had gone wrong at the trial. Much of the FBI’S analysis focused on Joseph Trimbach, but in the end the Bureau concluded that neither he nor his agents had done anything-not a thing- wrong.

The prosecution came to the same conclusion….it was all the fault of those pesky Indians. Reminds me of some people on a certain discussion group….

But losing the trial did not mean losing the fight against AIM-quite the contrary. As prosecutor David Gienapp said year later, ” To some extent, the prosecutions accomplished as much by getting dismissed or an acquittal as they would have had there been a conviction, because Russell Means and Dennis Bands realized even if you get off, sitting nine months in a courtroom isn’t what they want to do.” Gienapp was speaking not merely with the advantage of hindsight; the strategy was one the government consciously pursued at the time. At the end of the siege, for example, colonel Volney Warner urged the Justice Department to throw the proverbial book at AIM. “AIM’s most militant leaders and followers, over three hundred,” he wrote, “are under indictment, in jail, or warrants are out for their arrest. the government can win even if no one goes to prison.” It was not a new strategy. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had used the same plan in the late 1960’s to kneecap the Black Panthers.

….the strategy was beginning to have the desired effect. AIM was spending something like three of its every four hours and dollars just to keep its members out of jail. which did not leave much time or money for the betterment of its people or the recruitment of new followers or calm thought about is future or past. It was the sort of strain that could lead a group to do desperate things.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

Back to the trial of Banks and Means which had been going on for almost a year. The prosecution had one final witness by the name of Louie Moves Camp. His Mother was in the court…

When her son walked into the courtroom in St. Paul, she jumped to her feet and screamed, “Louie! What are you doing? Judge Nichol had to order her dragged from the court, whereupon she fainted.

…the prosecutors asked Louie Moves Camp a series of questions designed to pin banks and Means to the many  charges against them. Over two days, he testified that the preparations to seize Wounded Knee were not spontaneous but a long-planned conspiracy led by Banks and Means, that both defendants had stolen $1,000 from the trading post, and that they had ordered hostages taken, bunkers built, Molotov cocktails made, and federal troops fired upon. By the end of Moves Camp’s direct examination, he had tied Banks and Means to virtually every count against them.

On cross-examination the defense asked Moves Camp why witnesses said he was in California for most of the 71-day occupation while Moves Camp claimed he was in Wounded Knee for nearly all of the siege.

Of course he said the witness were lying and the defense proved him wrong with a photograph of him in a newspaper at the time of the Wounded Knee occupation. The defense and the judge wanted to know how the prosecution failed to uncover this before they put him on the stand.

Moves Camp had just seemed like a reliable guy, so everyone had taken him at his word. Hurd’s claim was undermined, however, when he admitted that he had asked the FBI to give Moves Camp a lie detector test and Joseph Trimbach had refused.

I wonder if Richard Two Elks has taken a lie detector test….

“Since when,” Judge Nichol asked , “does the head of the (regional) FBI start telling the prosecution that they can’t have a lie detector test if they want to?

Sounds like the FBI gets to do pretty much what they want because no one will hold them accountable…

Moves camp’s wife was called to the stand, and she testified that Louie had told her that in return for testifying he would be given lots of money and a new house, and his many criminal charges-which allegedly included armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and assault causing bodily harm-would be dismissed.

Sounds like the Arlo Looking Cloud trial….pay people to testify…Or Richard Two Elks who admits killing someone and has never been charged..thats why this whole thing is so crazy if you kill someone its o.k. as long as you are willing to fabricate something for the ever so corrupt FBI.

Wait, wait, wait, there’s even more to the story…

…Rachel Tilsen, wife of Ken, received a call from a woman who lived in Wisconsin, just across the state line from St. Paul. The woman said Moves Camp had been in Wisconsin a few days earlier and while there had been accused of rape. the charges had been hushed up by the FBI. Rachel Tilsen, asked the woman how she knew this, and the woman said she was the wife of the county attorney. Her husband was furious because the FBI had spirited Moves Camp to Minnesota to protect him from indictment. her husband was keeping mum about the incident, but she was not. She said she felt for the girl who had been raped and thought the whole thing an outrage.

Indeed it is an outrage. Like I said before Trimbach and his cheerleaders have absolutely no concern for women what so ever….Anna Mae is just another Indian woman being used…If Anna Mae was the woman who was raped byMoves Camp….we wouldn’t know her name. And Moves Camp would be living in his house with lots of money given to him by the FBI.

Poor Lizzy is going to have heart failure…Moves Camp was out on the town with FBI agent Price who was supposed to be watching him and who had downed five drinks. And left him with the underage girl….MY GOD THEY SHOULD ALL BE IN PRISON!!

Then the county attorney waffles and said that he has no idea why his wife would have called him and he throws the teenage girl under the bus saying that their were witnesses who saw them having consensual sex…If I was his wife we would be divorced.

No wonder Monica Charles hates law can’t even really be upset with these types because they simply have no conscience to speak of….I simply could not live with myself under those circumstances….the funny thing is they probably cannot understand someone like me…I really couldn’t be them….EVER.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

The testimony about the senate report led to the release of more documents. The documents related examinations on the stand showed that Army Vice Chief of Staff Alexander Haig had ordered two colonels to Wouned Knee to oversee the siege and to do so in civilian garb-the latter an order they had never been given in their long military careers.

Colonels testified about how much ammunition and supplies were sent







AND A CHEMICAL WARFARE TEAM WTF??? Did they think the Viet Cong had invaded??

Confronted with this evidence, the prosecution shifted its argument: “The Pentagon had no role at Wounded Knee” became “The Pentagon had no real role at Wounded Knee”.

It turned out the FBI’s Joseph Trimbach had lobbied the army to invade the village with 2,000 GI’s. He was apparently undeterred by the certain knowledge that scores-maybe hundreds-of the combatants would die. His scheme was vetoed by Colonel Warner.

…the government shifted its arguement again: the Pentagon was really involved, but it was only by an oversight that neither the president nor Congress had publicly authorized the Pentagon’s involvement. And since it was plain that the president wanted the military there it hardly mattered that he had not issued a public order.

Judge Nichol was of the same mind. he concluded that the armed forces had been used illegally at Wounded Knee, but he also concluded that the case of U.S. v. Banks and Means afforded no remedy against the government for this crime-save for dismissing the charges against Banks and Means, which he still was not prepared to do. if AIM wanted to hold the Pentagon accountable, Nichol said, it would have to file a separate suit.

WKLDOC did, naming as defendants General Haig, Attorney General Kleindienst, Colonel Warner, and other men of war.

WKLDOC filed its claim in Washington, D.C., but a federal judge there ruled that the case should have been filed in South Dakota.

It took seven years after the first suite was filed….

(Judge) Porter held that even if government officials had violated the Posse Comitatus Act at Wounded Knee, they could not be sued because the act did not specifically authorize suits in cases where the law was broken.

There’s lots of twists and turns and legal wrangling…basically as United States Citizens….

WERE ALL FUCKED….as is evidenced by the erosion of our  CIVIL LIBERTIES. I think the white people running everything back then were saying to themselves who cares its just a bunch of commie Indians…see where the sins of the previous generations have led us to

I found this video of Jesse Ventura at the RNC he actually says American citizens have the right to have weapons so if they don’t like the government they can bear arms and change the government….maybe I should send him a video of the governments firepower at Wounded Knee II!


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

Prosecutor R.D. Hurd was also quizzed by judge and defendants about what and when he had known of the wiretap papers. Hurd admitted that he had first seen Trimbach’s affidavit months before but had not given it to the defense as required by law. He also admitted that he hadn’t bothered to correct Trimbach when Trimbach testified under oath that he knew nothing about the wiretap.

…(the) Justice Department memo was released saying that the FBI knew the tap was illegal but had decided to keep it in place anyway.

The newly found memo did, however, give the defense a chance to summon to the stand the number-two man at the FBI, Mark Felt. Decades later Felt would be revealed-and lionized-as Deep Throat, the shadowy source who helped Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein expose Watergate….he freely admitted it was and said he saw nothing wrong with the wiretap, which perhaps explained why his men int he field saw nothing wrong with it either.

But then when the white politicians began to be illegally wiretapped… golly lets stand up for what is right!!! Sorry for the sarcasm I’m guilty of it too…we don’t concern ourselves with the plight of others until we are in the same plight…and even then many people do not “get” the correlation.

At any rate here is an interesting piece about Mark Felt apparently he had been convicted under the Carter Administration and pardoned under the Nixon administration for his complacency in “black bag” break ins against the Weather Underground. Nixon passed him up for promotion and so in retaliation he outed Nixon’s own break ins… can read about it here.

Banks and Means tried to make a citizens arrest of the lying wiretappers but the judge was not having any of it! Those guys must have been hysterical in the courtroom….I would have been dismissed from the jury for laughing too hard!!!

Far more grave than wiretapping was the defendants’ charge that the government secretly-and illegally-used the U.S.Army and Air Force at Wounded Knee. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbade the president from sending federal troops against citizens unless he or Congress explicitly and publicly ordered the forces sent.

During Wounded Knee neither the president nor congress had ordered the armed forces deployed yet, if AIM was right, they had come to Wounded Knee all the same.

The government said it was the National guard and not the Army and Air Force which was legal.

…a reporter called WKLDOC’s Ken Tilsen to ask if he had seen a certain senate report about Wounded Knee. Tilsen said he knew of the report-the prosecution had given him a copy-but he had seen nothing of interest. The reporter was surprised: what about the section discussing the Pentagon’s involvement at Wounded Knee? Tilsen said his copy of the report said nothing of the kind. The reporter sent Tilsen his copy, where-upon Tilsen learned that the copy the prosecution had given him had been doctored: the section discussing the Pentagon’s role at Wounded Knee-a role that had been quietly approved by the White House-had been excised. the reporter had chanced across the uncensored copy when a secretary in the prosecutors’ office sent it to him by mistake.

Judge Nichol, so apprised, asked what the prosecution had to say for itself. R.D. Hurd said he had no idea how Tilsen could have been given a doctored version because his office had only one version-the true and correct one. But when the same questionwas put to one of Hurd’s assistants, the assistant said there were two versions in the office: one with and one without the section on the Pentagon. Asked why only the shorter version was given to Tilsen, the assistant speculated that there had been a copying error.

Better yet why not ask them why a doctored copy even existed…

What most Americans fail to realize is that every single one of these actions was a nail in the coffin of the future generations. The willingness of the everyday citizens working for these government organizations making the choice to commit crimes, to lie, and the tolerance of those who participating in these crimes, are all a part of how we got into the current financial and civil rights meltdown of our society.

“This is about the most bizarre explanation I’ve heard,” Judge Nichol said, noting that only “the grossest kind of a fluke” had brought the document to light.

“Aren’t you getting kind of tired,” he asked Hurd, “of explaining your own negligence in some of these matters?”

“No, Judge,” Hurd said. “I’m getting used to it, as a matter of fact.”


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

See??? I’m writing another post finally! Funny how things grab you and don’t let go…the stuff over at Pudgy Indian was keeping me up. I sleep much better now that I have been writing about the threats….Some people its the opposite they get scared and can’t sleep until they hide…me I get scared and can’t sleep until I understand or confront it. Although the new series is twice as popular as the Anna Mae Posts…I think she resides in all of them!

When I last posted on Anna Mae Dennis Banks and Russel Means were on trial and the FBI had forged some documents..

…prosecution called Special Agent in Charge Joseph Trimbach to the stand, and WKLDOC took the opportunity to ask him whether the FBI had wiretapped the sole phone line that had been left running into Wounded Knee. The line was used only for negotiations between the besiegers and the besieged and for privileged conversations between the besieged and their attorneys. A tap on the phone would have been illegal without a court order, which the FBI did hot have. Trimbach testified there had been no tap.

Wow Joseph Trimbach and the FBI hold themselves above the United States courts….But as any intelligent human being understands the FBI was never about protecting democracy…which has never really existed in this country anyway.

…he was followed  by Joe Pourier, a lineman from Bison State, the  phone company that served Pine ridge. “He was a goon,” WKLDOC’s Sand Brim remembered of Pourier. “But he had been a childhood friend of Pedro Bissonette, and when Pedro was killed, Joe Pourier, like Poker Joe Merrival, flipped.

Pourier testified that he had set up a phone at one of the government roadblocks and tied it into the phone line that came out of wounded Knee so that the occupiers and the government could speak directly. That much was perfectly legal. But Pourier also rigged the government’s phone to work as a party line, a line the government could pick up and, anytime the occupiers were talking to their attorneys, eavesdrop on the conversation. It was a low-tech wiretap, but it was a wiretap all the same-and, without a court order, illegal.

When the defendants asked the government to produce the records for Pourier’s work, the government said the records had been destroyed….One of the FBI reports acknowledged that the FBI did not have a court order for the  tap but said it hoped to get one soon. It never did. When Banks and Means asked why they had not been given the documents to begin with, the prosecutors said they had meant no harm; it was just that they had so many papers, they didn’t know these particular ones existed.

“You see, that’s the disturbing thing, ” Judge Nichol said. “We’re always finding out that the head of the bureau of the guy at the top never seem to know anything.

Joseph Trimbach was called back to the stand and asked why he had said the FBI had not wiretapped the defendants when it most assuredly had. Did he know about the tap at the time, or were his subordinates running amok?

Trimbach said he must have known at the time, only to have forgotten about it later.

Trimbach replied that while he may have technically authorized the withholding of the papers, he hadn’t really made the decision. His aides see, were forever sticking papers under his nose, and he didn’t always read them before signing them..

Before dismissing Trimbach, the defense asked whether he was aware that it was illegal to run a wiretap without a court order.

… he never thought of the party line as a wiretap. had he known it was considered a tap, why naturally he would have gotten a court order before letting it be installed.

…WKLDOC  pried another paper loose from the FBI, this one an affidavit in which the affiant, whose name had been doctored out, formally requested that a judge legalize the wiretap. That is, the FBI’s affiant acknowledged that it needed a judge’s approval to listen in on the party line. Nichol forced the government to release an undoctored copy of the affidavit, and the affiant turned out to be none other than Joseph Trimbach. Once more Trimbach was called back to the stand.

Had he known about his own affidavit, the defense asked…

Trimbach answered that he must have read it-only he couldn’t recall a single thing about the affidavit.

The defense asked why the affadavit that Trimbach originally released to Banks and Means was missing the pat of the page that bore his name and signature.

Trimbach said he had no idea.

What a surprise…and does anyone wonder why Indians call it the “just us” system???


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

The saga of Pudgy Indian continues and I really have to wonder if this wasn’t a good thing. Light coming to a dark subject is always a good thing.  I wonder if Autonomous AIM really supports the inappropriate behavior of some of their members or if there are just some overly enthusiastic people who are acting without thinking the issue through….you know take your friends side blindly. Apparently one of the leaders of Portland AIM  was appointed by Dennis Banks himself. I don’t know Dennis Banks or that much about him…but it seems to me while reading  THE UNQUIET GRAVE that he has probably figured out that this nonsense is just that….non sense. There are a lot of comments about what a bad person he is or was with the drinking and womanizing. Being a woman I get frustrated at the AIM leaders who do not protect women…the stuff about his sex life and his children beating up women while horrific is really no different than Paul McCartney. Jimmy Page was the worst carrying around a special suitcase of whips to beat his groupies…I don’t think that Dennis Banks was abusing women for gratuitous reasons like Jimmy Page was. I think it is more conducive to someone who was ripped away from his family and thrown in a boarding school….it takes a tremendous effort to overcome the cycle of abuse. When you consider the resources that have been historically available to the Native population it is a miracle and a blessing when just ONE Indian can stop the cycle of abuse. It is not easy and to blame men for all of the ills is too easy. I myself am guilty of it…as evidenced by some of my rants on the blog. Sort of like the poll WKLDOC took in this installment, it is easy to answer by pointing your finger at the obvious scapegoat. Right or wrong. The problem is more complex than that. Its just that women are brainwashed from the day that we are born that men will take care of us. That men are in some way superior….that we should hold them to above us. And of course our society reinforces this by denigrating the importance of stay at home mothers, unequal pay etc.. So by the time I figured out that I had been lied to….I was pissed off. Sort of like being pissed off about the quality of teachers in the schools teaching American History!! My whole existence as an American is a lie. The history of the country I grew up in is just an empty lie. And I believed every word of it!!!

Here is the PORTLAND AIM WEBSITE. I used the search to look up Bernard Red Cherries and Eugene Johnson and came up with nothing. So either they have nothing to do with the nonsense going on or their website is like a false store front in a ghost town. In which case the movement that may have started out with good intentions is already insignificant…they just haven’t figured it out yet. The moment AIM became insignificant in the previous decades was the moment they allowed fear to creep into their minds and they started hiding their actions which started a chain of paranoia. It is the history of every revolutionary group. DIVIDE AND CONQUER!! It doesn’t matter how many times the government does it….people fall for it every single time. WE NEED TO STOP LETTING THE GOVERNMENT DIVIDE US. And the care and safety of children should be put above all else.

This is an excellent song that is done much better by Lucinda Williams but I couldn’t find her version of this song. I do own it though.

The song starts out…

Well let’s start by
Making it clear
Who is the enemy, here

And we’ll show them
That it’s not them
Who is superior

The video contains disturbing images….

Dennis Banks and Russell Means were the first of the Wounded Knee defendants to be tried for the takeover. They asked Bogue to recuse himself for blatant bias, and much to their surprise he did.

The case fell to Fred Nichol, a prairie moderate, former prosecutor, and chief federal judge for South Dakota. Nichol intended to try the case in the state until WKLDOC commissioned a survey of bias among South Dakotans. the the question “What should be done about Indian militants, American Indian Movement members, and other Indians who demonstrate claiming they haven’t been given equal rights?” the most common answers were “Jail ’em” and “Shoot ’em”. Judge Nichol moved the trial to St. Paul. It started in January  1974.

People give answers to polls like that without giving it any consideration because it does not effect them…..who cares abut Indians getting a fair trial? If only they would play the game and get in line….Now I’ll bet if you polled white South Dakotans standing in line waiting to pass through airport security with their shampoo and nail clippers….

Banks and Means served as their won co-counsel, backed by some of the country’s most accomplished trial lawyers. These including the gifted embellisher Mark Lane, the meticulous Ken Tilsen, and the wild-haired, brass-tongued Bill Kunstler, whose clientele included Martin Luther King Jr., Black Panther Stokely Carmichael, the Chicago Seven from the 1968 Democratic Convention, and the antiwar Berrigan brothers.

Hurd and Geinapp agrgued a straightforward criminal case; Banks and Means had conspired to riot, seize, and hold Wounded Knee and then had done so, along the way destroying property, taking hostages, and firing on officers of the law.

The defendants denied everything…

Every time the Oglalas and their allies in AIM tried to right the reservation’s many wrongs, federal and tribal governments blocked them with duplicity, persecution, and terror. The Indians had been left no choice but to break the law.

The key to this defense lay in destroying the government’s credibility and Banks and Means caught a break early when the prosecution called a witness to disparage a petition signed by 70 percent of the permanent residents of Wounded Knee.

the copy the government produced at trial was doctored to seem weaker. On cross examination, the defense proved that the FBI had had custody of the petition at the time it was doctored. An FBI agent was called to the stand to explain how the document had been altered. The agent was at a loss. He said the FBI had a lot of files on Wounded Knee and it was hard to keep them all straight. Perhaps there had been a clerical error.

Judge Nichol declared himself “greatly disturbed” by this answer. “I used to think the FBI was one of the greatest bureaus that ever cam down the pike. I think it’s deteriorated, and I don’t care how may FBI agents are here in court listening to me.

…Judge Nichol to ask exactly how many the FBI had on Wounded Knee. He was astounded to learn 315,000. WKLDOC was astounded too. the government was bound by law to give the defense nearly all of its files that might help exonerate the defendants, but Banks and Means had not received anything approaching 315,000. they asked Judge Nichol to find out whether all appropriate files had been handed over, and Nichol forced the prosecution to give the defense 200 of the unseen files as a test. Half of the 200 files turned out to be relevant to the defense and should have been handed over months earlier.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

I finally watched the video produced by and starring Richard Two Elks  (watch it here )it is a response to the PBS documentary WE SHALL REMAIN the WOUNDED KNEE segment. There are so many people involved in this case with so many opinions I am continually amazed at how many people are upset some houses are burned down and not concerned about a little girl being shot in the eye or a teenage boy being given alcohol and a moving vehicle by the tribal president. I detest people that step into public office or in a position of authority over other people and fail to set a good example whether it is popular or not. Your job as an adult is to set a good example to the younger generation. Period.

Getting back to the video Two Elks claims to be a professional but the video is poorly produced. If he were just a hobbyist I would say “It’s great!” In the video he is wearing a hat. Maybe that is an Indian thing but men should take their hats off while indoors much less while you are on camera. The hat is covering most of his face and he doesn’t really look in the camera….he is reading from something written that he is holding. Most professionals would have a teleprompter or someone holding up large cards so he could read  the script. I say script because he does not seem to be familiar with the subject he is just reading something that someone wrote. This should be a subject that he knows so well that he can speak with authority, conviction and without having to write it down. It also lacks any passion for the victims of Wounded Knee it seems their purpose is only to further their propaganda. I mean are these victims of Wounded Knee sleeping on the ground? Or in a cardboard box? It has been over 30 years. I have heard nothing of any organization that either Trimbach or Two Elks has started to help these supposed victims. The video says nothing about their plight now or  what you need to send them to get them back on their feet. The trading  post didn’t have insurance??? What state lets you own a business without insurance? Even then. Like I said my impression is that neither Two Elks or Trimbach gives a damn about these victims because in the big picture it is a non issue.  But once again why the continued outrage from so many about some possessions…take my house and everything I own…burn it to the ground…I would rather have my eye! Not one word  about the little girl who was shot in the eye!!! People these days do not have their priorities straight. Children first! It is the only way our civilization will begin to heal from the cycle of abuse of any color.

Richard Two Elks has come forward and admitted that he murdered a person by beating him to death at Wounded Knee but he has never been charged or spent a day in jail. I think that under the circumstances none of the participants at Wounded Knee should be convicted it was a painful era in the history of our country. AIM and its members were understandably expressing their grief over the genocide and annihilation of their people for a few hundred years. Frustration and the feeling of powerlessness often lead to people going to extreme measures as evidenced by the rise in school shootings. On the other hand Richard Two Elks also claims to work tirelessly on the sexual abuse of children yet he continually taunts a woman who was sexually abused by her father on a native discussion group. The former FBI agent Joseph Trimbach apparently approves of this behavior as he remains silent about this behavior and whole heartedly supports everything Richard Two Elks does. As much as I admire and respect Anna Mae Aquash I am in no way as upset about her death  as I am about a little girl getting shot in the eye. Right or wrong politics aside Anna Mae went to Wounded Knee knowing that involving herself in the  situation could very well result in her death. She made a choice and should be admired for doing so.

The story of Anna Mae continues…

The harassment of the WKLDOC by the FBI did not end there, hours after the release of Feiten and Davies they ran into the FBI in the hotel lobby. the FBI agents commenced with harassment and the lawyers tried to put the FBI agents under citizens arrest the altercation moved to the street and when the police arrived they actually arrested one of the FBI agents.

...both agents were soon released, but three days later the city attorney charged Pearson with assault and issued a warrant for his re-arrest. Pearson left town the same day.

Joseph Trimbach, the FBI agent in charge of the Dakotas and Minnesota, said Pearson’s departure from Rapid City was just a coincidence; he was not fleeing an arrest warrant, only being rotated back to his home office in California. When reporters asked if the FBI would return Pearson to Rapid City to face the charge, Trimbach scoffed at the idea. “This is a trumped-up charge,” he said. “There is no basis for it….It is absurd on its face that FBI agents would harass the militant Indians or their representatives”. He denied that his men had been put under citizen’s arrest, although they most certainly had, and he added that the arrests of Davies and Feiten had been “valid arrests,” although they most certainly had not.

WKLDOC then began to experience mail being delivered late or not at all anonymous threats over the phone, and other such goings on. They assumed that they were under surveillance of the FBI

WKLDOC  filed suit against the FBI for creating a climate that scared its clients from meeting with their lawyers: the FBI cast a pall over the constitutional right to a fair defense.

The case was heard by the ever so corrupt and racist Judge Bogue…

“It might be noted,” Bogue opined, “that many of the acts complained of by the Plaintiffs seem to have been occasioned by the activities of the Plaintiffs themselves. The incidents, occurring while investigating F.B.I. automobiles, photographing agents, and investigating the Defendants’ housing, seem to have occurred when the Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense committee was taking the action to the Defendants. It appears that many of these incidents may have been avoidable by Plaintiffs.” It was the same logic that held a woman need not fear being beaten by her husband if she did not raise her voice.

Bogue dismissed the case.


All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

I finally watched the Wounded Knee segment of WE SHALL REMAIN on the computer…now I see why Trimbach and his cheerleaders are upset. I was laughing through a lot  of it because I had never seen any footage. Sometimes when I laugh it seems inappropriate but when the truth is exposed the world rejoices and no matter how bad the truth is it has been set free which brings me great joy….It is the lies that are causing so much damage.

The thing that struck me was the uproar the government gets its self into. You would think that Brezhnev himself had landed in America and taken over Wounded Knee their paranoia is so great!!  Can you imagine living with such unfounded fears every single day?? This could have been settled by simply listening to the Indians no need for guns. They just wanted to be heard…to have their very valid complaints addressed. There was so much wrong about the whole thing. I think it must be like the mass hysteria that can sometimes be experienced by a crowd only it is stretched over a few generations….some fear that what they have done is going to be done to them. I am also reading a book called FBI SECRETS An FBI Agent’s Expose’ by M.Wesley Swearingdon. You know he was a Hoover guy like G.Gordon Liddy he turns his first name into an initial!

They could have easily done a five part series on just  the occupation of Wounded Knee. There is so much that was left out. Somewhere on alt.native I think there was a thread with Richard Two Elks response and something about why they didn’t interview him…I will try to get to that on the next post. My time management is lacking these days! Also I need to watch the program again because one woman was talking about the Commission on Civil Rights  which is the subject today but  I was trying to clean my kitchen so I didn’t quite get what everybody had to say and who they were.

…the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights concluded its investigation and reported that there had been “massive irregularities” during the election, that nearly all of WKLDOC’s charges could be confirmed, and that in no way could the election be considered valid. USCCR heaped blame on the bureau of Indian affairs, which by law was required to supervise the elections but which steadfastly refused to do so.

…the BIA….said they had read USCCR’s report but declined to make a single counterargument and declared the election would stand.

WKLDOC  appealed Bogue’s decision first to an unsympathetic panel of the Eighth circuit and then to the U.S. Supreme Court, which in 1976 declined to hear the case.

That the Oglala people might deserve a judicial accounting for the stolen election, or that those who might deserve a judicial accounting for the stolen election, or that those who stole it and those who let it be stolen should be held answerable for their deeds did not, apparently, impress the justices of America’s highest court.

Funny how our government only upholds laws on reservations when it benefits the governments cause…otherwise the Indians are left to their own devices…which is what Wounded Knee was all about to begin with.

WKLDOC prepared the defense of its clients from and office out of the spare rooms of a fraternity house of the National College of Business in Rapid City.

WKLDOCers noticed that their comings and goings  at the frat house were being scrutinized by clean-cut men…Jeanne Davies and Fritz Feiten, spotted one of the unmarked cars. It was empty of occupants but had a two way, police-style radio inside, so Feiten wrote down the car’s license plate number.  As he did so, two men stepped out of a car across the street and walked up to him and Davies. they flashed FBI badges. “H-u-g-h-e-s,” Davies copied into a notebook and started to write his badge number, but Agent Hughes detracted the badge, snatched Davies’s paper, and ordered them to put their hands on the car. The WKLDOCkers asked if they were under arrest.

More agents arrived.

When the WKLDOCkers refused to give any information beyond their names, the questions turned to taunts, then to arrests.

WKLDOC had them bailed out soon enough, but on their way out the door the FBI added a federal charge-interfering with witnesses to a judicial proceeding-and the pair were re-arrested. no federal witnesses had been involved in the incident on the street, save the FBI agents themselves,

and they were not the sort of witnesses the law contemplated. But because it was Saturday night and a federal magistrate was unavailable to  review the complaint, Davies and Feiten were kept locked up over the weekend, which was the real motive behind the complaint. Come Monday, the magistrate immediately dismissed the federal charge, and the city attorney did the same with the municipal public-nuisance charge. The FBI never received a reprimand for what was clearly harassment of legal workers..


Amazing stuff!

I had a friend who was a Vietnam Vet. He died from all kinds of
cancers he said was from Agent Orange. Actually he had all kinds of
cancers and died from a heart attack. He told me not to tell this
story again. It was too embarrassing he thought. One night I went out
to the outhouse. All of a sudden all hell broke loose. The feds were
firing on us. I ran for the church where I slept. I was a hippie
Indian kid and wore hiking boots all the time. Even so I could feel
the force of the bulletts hitting right behind my boots. When I got to
the church a man threw open the door and grabbed me and threw me
inside. He told me I should have stayed there. I told him I didn’t
want to die in an outhouse. He was angry at me. He said I know but you
should have stayed there. I felt real sick and got my sleeping bag
down from where I stored it. I climbed inside and pulled it over my
head. People kept coming over to see if I was okay. That kind of sick
I felt was how I feel now when my blood sugar is way too high. It must
have been too much adrenalin. We were starving by then.

Nothing Demain or Two Elk or Trimbach says will ever make me ashamed
of my participation in that event. The Oglalla Sioux Civil Rights
Organization sent out a call for help. I hope that if ever my People
needed help the Sioux would reciprocate.

Not sure why that would be embarrassing?


Someone should do a collection of stories that the fbi doesn’t want
told. Sometimes in the beginning they were more like keystone kops.
They had superior weapons and equipment. They would fire their flares
and the wind would blow it back on them and set their bunkers on fire.
They’d be running around like ants trying to put it out. Cussing all
the while. If we were violent murderers like trimbach says our boys
could have picked them off but didn’t. If they weren’t setting
themselves on fire they were setting the grass around them on fire.
They didn’t walk but drove their big city muscle cars to each others
bunkers. They would try to turn their beasts around on those hills.
We’d hear their cars grinding fighting the inevitable. We’d go out and
watch them. The lights of their cars would slide down the hill. Pretty
soon the lights would be pointed up to the sky.We’d be standing
outside watching them and laughing like they were the three stooges,
or keystone kops, or Wily Coyote about to fall off a cliff.