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On the way to Devil’s Tower…. Juanita and Frankie dwarfed by Wyoming….What a welcome!

Juanita trying to capture the devil….

little prairie dogs live in the shadow of Devil’s Tower

Frankie getting ready for a run around the tower….

Juanita and I walked as Frankie ran. We stopped a lot to take photos. My lovely sister up close…


Let’s just see who stands taller….

Juanita taking a photo…

Juanita vs Devil’s Tower…..

Back to where we started Juanita and Frankie in prayer….

Me and  Frainkie!!


He’s so cute!

Prairie Dogs goodbye…

Frankie before WANTED posters…

Clouds heading for Deadwood….




The last two photos are actually not part of the Ranger’s Delight trail but are of hills outside of the recreation area and a railroad bridge over the Bighorn River outside of Lovell, WY




This is a short trail about a mile in length  to another view of Devil’s Canyon. I took a lot of photos on this hike- some days I “see” more than others.

BIGHORN CANYON (Upper Layout Creek Trail)

This was a lovely hike in the Bighorn Canyon that begins at the corrals of the historic Ewing Ranch

Erastus T. Ewing came to Bighorn Canyon looking for gold. Finding none he decided to try his hand at ranching.  He knew that to make it in this arid land he would need water. On April 8, 1897 he filed with Carbon County in Red Lodge, Montana to appropriate 200 inches of water per year from Layout Creek for irrigation, mining and milling. -from the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area website.

This Recreation Area is very popular but most of the people head for the water I have been here a twice before and never saw another person hiking. (that’s how I like it!)

I don’t know what sort of grass this is but with the wind blowing the sound as it rustles is like the expansive scenery.

Looking back I about a quarter of the way up…

I wonder if this is a bear trap!

Another look back….

and a look ahead….

Apparently there is a waterfall where the water comes out of the mountain if you hike further into thecanyon but I didn’t know how far and the weather was sort of iffy. In Montana and Wyoming storms move in quick and there were clouds piling up on the other side of the mountain.

this is about a mile and a half up from the corrals.

Most of the hike once I got into the canyon was dark but once in awhile there would be a break in the clouds so I could take a photo like this…

and this!

Back at the trail head…


Last of the Mammoth photos…

Another hat!

I had lunch here so I could recharge my battery. It looks fancy but its really fast food I had a cheeseburger and icecream! I splurged on carbs after all the hiking I did…

The elk own the town!

This isn’t in Mammoth Hot Springs but on the way back to my campsite. Below are photos of the mountain range…