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I miss my nephews they are such fine young men. I love observing their actions, reactions and how they interact with each other.

This is Gus at the airport. Poor guy was about to go out the door looking for us when I snuck up  on him. He turns around and there is his auntie with her damn camera!

Right away Gus affectionately tortures Frankie!

Frankie reading ….

While Gus skateboards….

While I’m taking photos of Gus, Frankie is relieved to no longer be the subject of my camera for awhile!

Gus trying on my new cowgirl hat….

Poor Frankie is pointing out his flesh-wound inflicted by his brother. (I think Gus pulled off the scab from a mosquito bite)

We were all on the way to Reedpoint during a storm when Gus asked for my camera to try to get a photo of the lightening….Ominous storm clouds rolling across the land….

Gus’ patience paid off! He captured a fine bolt of lightening in a moving car no less!

More brotherly torture….Gus contorting Frankie’s face….

Now it’s Frankie’s turn…

Gus driving my car for the first time….He’s a good driver!


Gus helps Frankie with his cross-country training….

Look at Frankie go!

I love this picture….



Frankie the cross-country runner at the Little Bighorn Battlefield



This is a lovely park not far from my house with great running trails. It runs along the Yellowstone River. The only downside was the tick that had launched onto my arm when I came home. Its a bad tick season for hikers…never thought I would say this but I’m getting used to them! They’re just hungry.


This is another park above my house about a mile away. I don’t quite get the name it takes a lot of imagination to compare the two…But still a nice place to go for a run!