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This was my first Powwow the photos say it all…color, pattern, texture, layers and movement.

I’m not sure what the equivalent would be in the non native world. But it struck me that this was probably a main activity and it was for the whole family. Children were not excluded or separated there were competitions of age groups but the main events were honoring the elderly, veterans and the children. I didn’t stay the whole time but the couple hours I was there I didn’t witness Indians threatening their children for bad behavior….Johnny Stop it! Or we’re going to the car right now and you won’t get a cookie!!! Not a single melt down tantrum. It was interesting. There are lots of Powwows in this area and I will try to make it to the Rodeo/Powwow at the Crow Agency.




It was raining cowboys!

They tie red bandannas to the tail of the calves then let the kids from the audience chase them. If they get a bandanna they get money!

This young man was getting ready to ride some calf!

The older cowboys were quite protective of the young boys and when a few got scared and backed out of riding they listened and gave them pats on the back no looks of annoyance or exasperation. No expectations. It was great to see having been to a few youth sports related events recently. None of the nonsense you see in schools.

This is not an Elvis impersonator its Evil Kneivel !



More excitement from the rodeo!


I’m impressed that the cowboy didn’t flinch when the horse was rearing up…..straight in the saddle…

This was a cute performance with the clown searching for a child actor…they had to pretend they were shot!

more to come!c



The wire the young cowboy has in his hand is to try to get  what ever is on the other side  of the horse. In this case it didn’t work too well and it took three people and one brave cowboy get on and reach under. These horses frequently rear up while in the chutes-this one in particular.

This guy was pretending to be Buffalo Bill Cody….

They say a prayer to keep the cowboys safe prayers for soldiers and Country….