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This is what is wrong with America….here is Mr. Simon’s comment on my AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA post.

Janklow went to jail for his crimes. The AIM leaders, however, have evaded justice in the premeditated murder of Anna Mae Aquash, and possibly several others. Thank you for proving our point that ignorance abounds when discussing the AIM legacy.

Are you freaking out of your mind??? He served a mere 100 days in a county facility! Premeditated murder? The trial has not even started yet…and from what I understand it was little more than a kangaroo court. Why has it taken 30 years? Once again why do you already pronounce John Graham and Richard Marshall guilty?

There’s a kid in a YCF that is serving five years and has to be moved to OSP for a few of those years when he turns 18 ….not to mention the restitution he has to work and pay off when he gets out. He doesn’t get to go out and perform “community service” or what ever nonsense Bill Jankow was allowed to do.

You sent me a link about the “real” victims of Wounded Knee….yeah I’m sure it is bad….what have YOU and the FBI agents that were there done for those families….60 families over 30 something years…they should all be taken care of by now. Seriously tell me all about how you have helped them…You would be in held in much greater esteem. What did Bill Jankow do for those families when he was governor? Are the proceeds of AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA going to help those families? Did the Governor at the time declare Wounded Knee a disaster and plea for Federal dollars to help the families rebuild.

What about those rape charges you seem to have no problem proclaiming John Graham guilty before trial….more double standards??? Is it o.k. in your mind that the son of a bitch never went to trial. Does it not make you sick to your stomach at the thought of that happening to one of your young female relatives?

The people you admire astound me… Bill Janklow is no G.Gordon Liddy. Liddy had to serve about 4 years for for burglary and wiretapping but he served 4 years and has no regrets he admits everything he did..believes in everything he did. I don’t have to agree with him but you gotta have respect for a guy who doesn’t whine and takes responsibility for his actions.

You and people of your ilk are what make this country less than honorable…One can be proud of their country and ashamed of their government.

The difference between you and I is that I see AIM for what it is the good the bad and the ugly. I do not admire the men in AIM who committed crimes against women, violence against other humans…. I do admire the intention before it went awry.

I also see the FBI for what it is the good the bad the ugly the oppressor. I do not admire as you do corrupt law enforcement. I despise them a thousand times more than the worst of AIM. What you purport is that the FBI is above the law- you are wrong. They should be held to the highest of standards as should our politicians, and military.

I cannot spend anymore time on you…. it is like having a conversation with one of those dolls that repeats prerecorded sayings when you pull on its string..not an original thought between the ears.

(Try watching some of those COINTELPRO videos I have on the side you just might learn something)


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