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Close up of the town Christmas tree….

Christmas display at a tea shop…

I have never noticed this local bar….the WONDER BUR..


Since this is Grants Pass you can be sure that FROSTY isn’t filling his pipe with tobacco…

an antique store…

a vintage clothing store…Love the makeup job!!


O.K. this has to be left over from the Paloma Picasso xoxo era when scribbles were the rage. These are in front of an auto dealership the downtown has much better taste!

More of the music boxes…

This is like a mini theater that tells THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. The display is back at Taprock.

Taprock sits along the bank of the Rogue and there is a nicely landscaped trail that runs along for a bit. These are of the lights reflecting on the water.



Every year I have to listen to religious whackos claiming that people are trying to destroy Christianity…but as I drive around I see that every town and many churches have nativity scenes. Yep thats right folks this on top of the Grants Pass tourist information. No one is throwing rocks at baby Jesus…I don’t know why people are so paranoid and hysterical…THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING!  And these same people  want to take the right of others to display their traditions.

I was hoping to photograph more of these displays but then time became frantic! There are some really cool church lights but not on the main drags which is where I have been heading to get in my exercise!

This is down G Street the “artsy” street in Grants Pass!

Norris has all of the high end earthy shoes, Keene, Merrill, Teva, Birkenstock…

Here is the town Christmas Tree!!

All of the doors and windows are decorated!!

I love all of the cotton balls in this window…

NEON at the bike shop…

Here is a little Nativity set…


That’s the Grants Pass slogan! And I must say compared to where I grew up its a hell of a lot less rainy and hardly ever snows. And of course the Beautiful Rogue River runs right through town!

This is the newer tourist part of town Hell Gate tours are located here…Its a jet boat ride down the Rogue. Across the street they built a “tourist” restaurant called Tap Rock. I have never been there but know people who say its a fun place to have dinner.

The above is on Hell Gate  and below is at Taprock.

More of the lighting displays..

I may have known this but forgot! I learn something new every day and some times I re-new…

The lights spell it out!

all of the lamp posts have halos…

the roof of a bank is will lit with displays. It shares the parking lot with Taprock..

This is a neat display. They are big black boxes placed around town and they play Christmas songs. As the song plays the lights on the sign change with the activity in the song. This one plays ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO FRONT TEETH.

the main drag…

Display window of a vintage shop

the Italian restaurant has these colorful flowers as one would expect from the old country…




Central Point and Medford sort of merge in the rural sort of way…a few miles of farms in between. It’s easy to forget they have a cute downtown area if you are not specifically headed in that direction. Which is why I ended up taking this evening walk. I took a wrong turn and ended up going through town.

This town has character! More than Medford which has a bit bigger old town and hosts a Rogue Valley Community College location.  Here is the Saddle shop.

Of course the windows are all decorated for Christmas!

Everyone on the West Coast knows how good See’s Candy is! They were out of the molasses chips which are my personal favorite. These little trailers  are run by the Kiwanis a non-profit that helps out the local elderly, and children.

This was taken at the florist shop. Their fresh arrangements had already been taken out of the windows and they were getting ready to close for the evening..

Finally the traffic let up enough so I could get a decent picture of the main st.!

The Mexican restaurant.

All around town are these mosaic tiles.

The grain elevator is the icon of Central Point. I love grain elevators! Of course I wish I had taken a better photo.

The snowflakes on the light posts…otherwise you don’t see much snow!

The Police station has a beautiful tree all lit up! You can’t tell in this photograph but it has lots of ornaments on it too.

Everything is closed by now except for the restaurants…

This is a Chinese restaurant…I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best so I put them both up!



The view of  “old town”  as it is getting dark…

There is a lovely little “gourmet” market that opened up. I have gourmet in quotes because they don’t quite hack it in the gourmet department but in Medford it could pass for gourmet. They do have a nice selection of gourmet pastas and sauces imported from Italy. Pricey! They also make their own desserts and have a small lunch menu.

I bought some over priced pasta (guilted by how helpful the man running it was. He even sold me a cup of cold soup after hours to heat up at home! It was spinach and chickpea. I was quite surprised when I got home to find out it wasn’t a blended soup with some sort of curry. It was clear broth with chickpeas and whole baby spinach floating around. Excellent. If I had made it the baby spinach would have been overcooked due to neglect! Looking at the menu as I ate, I would go back during lunch, order a main item and get the cup of soup for free instead!

They did a great job with the decor I hope they survive. My guess is that their lunch menu is the main draw. They don’t quite have the experience or knowledge to run a spectacular store and their prices are too high for mediocre groceries. For the square feet of space they have allotted which isn’t very much (someone likes clean design) they should be buying the best of the best! Five years of living in Medford I am still not familiar with Medford’s elite…but in the age of cooking and travel programs galore knowledge of superb food is no secret.

They may just lack the money for inventory and if that is the case they do a good job merchandising the store to look like it is intended to be a sleek high-end gourmet market.

Excellent job with the decor!

More of the downtown lights….

This is the town center and I am sure it is put up by the City of Medford. What I picture is that one day someone got the bright idea to decorate the downtown. Christmas lights attract visitors. But they delegated the buying to some secretary who had a catalog in front of her…..I’ll get some Santas…and some elves…and…. The rest of the decor the white lights in the trees that line the streets is nice and sleek. They put up the giant Christmas tree which is beautiful….

The the poor statue of the chess player has to stare at all of these juvenile prefab Christmas shapes.

The Ginger Rogers Craterian Theater is on the other side of the park…..the rest of the park should have stayed with the “starring” theme.

Lights run across buildings…

well this is not a Christmas photo but a plant under a light in front of a Mexican restaurant!

These are lighted grape clusters in the window of a thrift store…

and one of the furniture stores always has their windows decorated….

Coming soon….Christmas in Central Point!