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All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

I have been avoiding these posts because of this chapter on Bill Janklow and Jancita Eagle Deer. It’s like I want to crawl out of my skin….turn myself inside out rip my heart out. It drives me crazy.. I wish I could copy and paste this part of the story because I want it to be over…but I have to read and type because I can’t find a good version of what happened.

I wrote the above early yesterday morning and had to quit…the story of  Jancita Eagle Deer is so sad and filled with despair…one of the many reasons that Joseph Trimbach and his FBI colleagues should be in jail along with some goons, Bill Janklow, probably half of the United States government…Monica probably thinks it should be more! (finally I made myself laugh this morning)

There seems to be little support or concern for Indian women…the men of AIM  beat their chests and congratulate themselves….they seem to be more concerned with a power struggle and prestige…titles. Things the white government has taught. It is the same for all women…we have lost much of the ground during the eight years of the Bush administration…but in America today it seems that Indian women are so strong and the most abused and looked down upon.

I think the two stories have been merging on me as of late…injustice for women continues. You can read more about Anatomy of a Threat on THE ABUSE PAPERS

Strong women

Here is a picture of Jancita Eagle Deer and a link to her story here and here and here.


Other strong and beautiful women I have encountered surrounding this and the issue of abuse are

Monica Charles who got me involved in this

Martha Alvarez a young woman who speaks with such conviction against her abuser…she  has inspired bloggers to confront the issue.

Anna Mae Aquash who through her spirit is working tirelessly as ever.(There are  no sites that I know of that are non-biased about Anna Mae Aquash…they all seem to have an agenda. Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks that they are right. While I am reading The Unquiet Grave, I have formed no opinion on who did it. I do have a strong opinion that the FBI was grossly negligent and incompetent in their duties to American citizens.

Shusli of Spring Thunder blog who was one of the original supporters of Martha Alvarez’s right to speak against her abuser.

Mary Ann Little Bear a little girl who had her eye shot out and the FBI and BIA police couldn’t be bothered to investigate. I truly hope she is doing well now.

Ellen Moves Camp...who had the courage to ask “Where are all our men?”

I have encountered some good men, the most graceful and humble Jumpybird on alt.native he probably does not know that his example does have a profound effect on some.Then there is  brave Eugene Johnson from Pudgy Indian 2….Having a hard time coming up with more will add them later if I can think of any.

Peace to all..

and my prayers to Runningwolf in this difficult time she is experiencing.









Much love to Ordinary Sparrow who is a constant reminder that there is another way.




I must confess that with all of the sorid business surrounding Bernard Red Cherries; I don’t have a high opinion of Indian chiefs. I do not mean to offend anyone especially since I have all of the colonizer guilt weighing upon me. But in my opinion victims rights in any country by any color for any type of abuse by far outweighs the need to “protect” the image of an Indian chief. In fact it seem mighty white to me…sort of like how police officers always cover for one another. Not a damn Indian chief has stood up for what is right and honorable.
This fucking thing goes from Oregon to Montana to Oklahoma and as far as Florida…it involves the groups THE RED BROTHERHOOD, PORTLAND AIM, AND OKLAHOMA AIM….And the only man who has stood for victims rights is Eugene Johnson of PUDGY INDIAN2. And of course cjames who has put up THE ABUSE PAPERS who may or may not be Indian. Seriously what exactly is the point of being an Indian chief or in a group like AIM if you don’t have the courage or don’t know better than to support a young woman courageous enough to tell her story? What is the fucking point of your existence?

There is a Portuguese word for people WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW TO HAVE SHAME ON THEIR FACE!…if only I could remember it!!

Getting back to Indian chiefs…Martha Alvarez wrote a new comment on alt.native

My grandfather is a Chief and claimed by his people, which is more
than I can say about you. He is to be respected; he is a great man,
unlike you! He is the son of Mary Jim, where he gets his title. My
grandmother is Carrie Jim Schuster, his sister, both well know for
their work in bringing down a dam on the Columbia River, which is
still an ongoing project to bring the remaining dams on the Columbia/
Snake River down. My great-grandmother also was one of the main
person’s interviewed for the book “Renegade Tribe: The Palouse Indians
and the Invasion of the Inland Pacific Northwest” By Clifford E.
Trazfer, look it up it’s a good book.
As an Indian I think Eugene is a credit to us all for bringing this
forward, it takes a lot of courage to stand against any person in
power. He and his wife Shusli are still taking the heat for this and I
appreciate and respect them greatly, it really is unfair.

You talk about sacredness when you yourself drink and use drugs. I
think a person in a leadership position should set an example and put
their standards higher than anyone else’s. A Chief is a leader of his
people and a person who represents them, so if he is a drunk/addict
what does that say to world about his people. He is misrepreseneting
them. It is only because of people like you we have negative views of
our way of life. The misuse and abuse of your position. Practice what
you preach is the expression that comes to mind.

So how many children do you have? How many of them are still in
contact with you? From my understanding your daughter Lori is in
Mexico, and your son Bernard Redcherries the III is in prison, and
your niece Lori Redcherries doesn’t talk to you, you know why, well
that side of the family for that fact. I know you were not even wanted
at Monica’s funeral. So why would such a great father and leader be so
distant from his own blood? Or not wanted by them?

You once called me obsessive, I think it was, so my thought was you’re
on here a great deal more than I am attacking anyone who lets their
opinion be known.  What does that make you, Psychotic? And if you are
this Lisa person, as you have stated, why would you use so many names?
You posted as Lori Redcherries, Eaglewingwomen, Fox, Judy, Wilbur
Hawk, Beverly H., friend of the Redcherries family, all from the same
IP address’ supporting the great Chief Redcherries.
If anyone is laughing it’s us at your expense. This is a war you’re
going to lose eventually.
Martha F. Alvarez

So I did as Martha suggested and I ordered the book off of Amazon but being the poverty stricken person I am I bought the used copy for 1.45. Once again the book is called RENEGADE TRIBE they have more used copies still available!!! I have been wanting to read more about the real history of the state I grew up in….although it sounds like it took place more in Washington. And anyone who has a hand in getting rid of those damn dams is a hero in my book!!! But as a typical colonizer I forget there didn’t used to be states….doh!!!

It better be a good book because I broke my vow that I wouldn’t buy any more books from Amazon until I finished reading 10 more!!!

And here is a National Geographic page that says the Appaloosa horse is named after the Palouse Indians. How cool is that?

And to end this post here is the quote from Martha’s profile:

“I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them.”
love that!



cyjames Says:
June 23, 2009 at 10:04 pm | Reply

Thank you. Eugene and Shusli are under attack because they were/are identifiable as real people and they live in an area where Bernard Red Cherries has some contacts and influence. I think he’s about used up his favors there. Portland AIM doesn’t appear to want to back up Robert Van Pelt’s threats.

I certainly think it’s good to look into the legal recourses available to the survivors/victims of Bernard Red Cherries’ abuse. I hope that his more recent crimes will go to trial. I don’t know what the statute of limitations is on what he did to Martha and her family. I also don’t know the statute of limitations on his crimes against his other wives and children. Then there is the issue of an abuser continuing his abuse, searching out and finding new victims. Some survivors feel some responsibility for preventing the abuser from doing the same thing to new victims. There is ample public evidence and testimony that he is a serial abuser with known victims from a span of over 20 years.

While I respect your opinion, I think documenting the public testimony remains an important aspect of making people aware of his past behavior. When multiple people come forward independently with similar stories of abuse, this is significant and his behavior becomes a community problem.

Bernard Red Cherries brought this issue into the public forum through bloggers and DJs. He is the one who chose to make his problems public. It is telling that he denied some charges before any of the victims came forward. His victims also have the right to speak and provide a counterpoint to his attempts at disinformation.

When victims/family have already tried to work these issues out in private but have been forced to flee from a violent abuser, it is no longer a private matter. It then becomes a community or tribal issue/problem. By continuing to verbally abuse his victims on the radio and the Internet, Bernard Red Cherries has also made this a matter for Internet discussion.