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The ranger said the reservoir was only half full. They had released a lot of water in anticipation of the snowpack melting…they are still waiting and its the middle of June!

I found a road that went straight up the mountain great workout but I didn’t get too far up it-the silver speck is my car

This is where I stopped…rested and went back down. On trails like this going down is harder! There were horse tracks everywhere I would be scared to death riding a horse down this. I slid lots of times on the loose rock!

Ain’t it pretty?



The first night of camping after winter is always the worst for me. I forget everything I need! This year it was my pillow and flashlight. Luckily Cody was only about fifteen miles away and I planned on going to the Cody Night Rodeo .

I didn’t want to camp in Cody because it was overly crowded with the weekend tourists and a Powwow (photos of that later  too!), Mule Days(I don’t have time for everything!) in a town close by. However there was a fierce wind and the park guides thought I was crazy. I forgot my extra tie-downs for my tent so I just double staked the side getting hit. Once it was up it held fine.

The site had wind breaks but unfortunately the wind was coming at an angle that didn’t protect the tent. Although since it was the lowest sitting site the wind was least there but managed to blow my cover off a few times before I could get it situated right.

As soon as the tent was up I took off for the Cody Night Rodeo….stopped to take some photos of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and clouds along the way.

This is the sunrise. I’m confused with directions in Wyoming I thought the sun would be coming up behind me!

These birds were having quite a celebration at daybreak.

I didn’t mess around I drank my morning coffee while packing my tent and took off I wanted to get a hike in before I went to the Powwow…this is the Shoshone River as it enters the Buffalo Bill Reservoir.



There are all sorts of ranches and resorts on the road from West Yellowstone to Big Sky but like in this photo you can only see the gate.

Of course the scenery is absolutely gorgeous…

This is a horse camp with trails…and lots of bear warning signs….

This was such a cool looking ranch gate and bridge that I had to stop…

Much better in the light!

Big Sky is just around the corner…..


On the way to the campground after the first day I stopped a couple of places along the Madison River….remember the post awhile ago with  the headwaters of the Missouri River and the confluence…that’s the same Madison River…

There are lots of fly fishermen.

finally back at the campground…with not too much daylight to spare….the lake is beautiful….

and my guess is that the storm is going to miss me..

but the rain didn’t! As soon as my soup and tea were done….it started raining….ended up eating in my tent…not an easy feat in that small thing especially when it is housing an air mattress too! Funny thing though is that I had water repellent in my car for over a year thinking I needed to put it on the seams but never got a round to it. I did put it on when I set up the tent in the morning…aside from having to wash dishes and brush my teeth I stayed nice and dry!