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I forgot to post these!

I have no idea what all the flowers are in Yellowstone but flowers no matter where they root are each a delight!

Big elk!

Leaving the park through the West entrance and heading towards Quake Lake




There are from the second morning in Yellowstone, flowers, grazing elk and buffalo, the geothermal pools…great way to start the day!



After securing my tent for the predicted hail storms I headed to photograph the sunset. This is a meadow not far from my campsite…

As I drove into West Yellowstone there were beautiful fields full of wild flowers so I headed back to photograph them when the light would be more interesting….my filter accidentally went through the washing machine so there are lots of pretty light distortions…NOT ORBS!



The Madison River

back at my campsite….



Three days in Yellowstone and over 600 photos not including the ones I deleted. These are of my Thursday night walk along the Madison River which isn’t too far into the park I didn’t spend too much time as I wanted to set up my tent to survive the serious storms that were predicted but didn’t show up. Double staked it and tied it down. If I hadn’t then the storm would have come!

I wasn’t here five minutes when my bear spray fell into the river and started floating away. Damn I have to get new bear spray! then I thought That’s 40 dollars… I jumped in and chased it down. Luckily the water didn’t affect the Nike+ in my shoe.

I love these giant thistles!



I can’t wait to get to Montana!!