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I took these photos two weeks ago….there is a lot more snow now! The start of the highway runs  through Two Dot Ranch I think for the first 7 miles. Since I don’t have traction tires I only went up until I hit snow on the highway(about 10 miles) These photos don’t do justice to the landscape in person but here they are….

Ever since I move to Billings and started making the twice a month trip to Cody Two Dot Ranch has been my idea of heaven on earth. Beauty surrounds in every direction…

This is Heart Mountain the top is supposed to look similar to a buffalo heart. On the other side of the mountain lies the dark history of a Japanese internment camp….


From the website

“While it’s considered part of the Absaroka Range, Heart Mountain is more of a geologic anomaly with its unusual limestone cap. Geologists from around the world have studied it, yet its origin remains a subject of passionate debate. Somehow it became separated from larger masses of similar formations found sixty miles away in Yellowstone National Park. Moreover, older limestone lies atop younger strata, which is “upside down” in relation to how these strata are found elsewhere.”