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I was heading for Mammoth Hot Springs when I saw the sun shining on this magnificent gem. I had to find a place to leave my car and walk back. The only problem with that is when you pull your car to the side of the road everyone else does to because they think that you are pulling over for wildlife. That happens to me a lot because most of the photos I take are not of the wildlife but of things like this…

I would have like to follow it but I left my bear spray in the car!





Memorial Day weekend is not the best time to find a place to go hiking when looking to avoid multitudes of tourists….I’m sure Crater Lake was a madhouse….most of the traffic was headed that way….or the Upper Rogue River….I headed for Fort Klamath thinking it would be a great place to spend the day and take photos….get in some hiking…

My brother who has a knee injury and is out of hiking for the most part came along for the ride…He loves the high desert and wide open spaces and going to college and working in Medford leaves longing for open range. Luckily he is transferring to a university in LaGrande where he will get his fill of Western scenery. Fort Klamath is a itty bitty town and the general store was quite filthy with little on the shelves but luckily we spotted this little gem….its a motel with an organic grocery store instead of a lobby….they make organic burgers…sandwiches and espresso!! Best damn Mocha I’ve had in awhile (made with Dagoba chocolate) Also a bit pricey but for a special occasion (too many of those lately)….

Oh and you can buy gifts!

This sign for a ranch was right next to the motel….prompted my brother to exclaim…It must be mighty hard to get a saddle on those fish!!!

down town Fort Klamath

I thoroughly embarrassed my brother by insisting to stop and take photos of the cow who was on the wrong side of the fence! (the ranchers came up behind me to herd her back in the field) That’s me!! You would never know I grew up on a farm the way I act when I see a farm animal!!! MOOOOOOOOO!

Just driving around I spotted a sign for a park….swear I can’t remember the name of it….DOH!! Where we encountered this beautiful little lake….

There is a trail that goes to the headwaters of this lake which is actually a river

I’m trying to make my way across to take a photo of where the water comes out of the mountain and to get to the other side as my brother drove my car to a logging road above the headwaters so we could see the view from above.

This is where the water comes out of the mountain

and looking back

this lovely view is from the logging road

and the river that snakes away from it…

The valley is gorgeous filled with sky

I left my brother to fend for himself and took off down the road…got a little nervous when I saw this….damn I left my bear serial killer spray in the car….but….

I can’t resist trying to turn it into an “artistic” shot!

the logging road…

on the way back I spied my brother sitting by the creek writing the next great western novel….

I lumbered on down to take some photos… standing above a rock…another spring coming out from the mountain. And let me tell you how wonderful these Nike Equalon 4’s are….usually after a 6 mile hike my feet would be burning in either my other running shoes or my hiking boots….WAHHHH!!!  But with the cushioning in these its awesome!!! I could go another 6 miles!!! Mind you these are for people who over pronate…Nike makes shoes for all foot types.

On the way back home we stopped at the actual Fort Klamath….Confederate soldiers reenacting….in Oregon???? THAT is another post!

My latest extravagance is this little gadget from Nike. In order to track my miles I have been going on MAPMYRUN.(or walk or hike!) and spending half an hour figuring it out and saving my info…I wanted to buy an expensive Garmin unit that can even map your journey with elevation…but I opted to purchase the less expensive NIKE+ for now. It too is a wonderful time savor you just put a sensor in your Nike+ ready shoe (or you have to buy a holder)….strap on the “watch” and hold down the button…and walk until its ready then start your run or walk. It tracks your distance, time, calories you burned and ….

then you just unsnap it and pull off the time piece which inserts into your computer and uploads all of the information instantly AND recharges at the same time!! At the Nike site you can set goals and challenges for yourself and it tells you how you are doing reaching those goals….the first challenge I signed up for was 10 miles a week in 2010 made it every time so far! You can also get an IPOD with Nike+ but unless your doing something incredibly boring like running around a track  or on a treadmill in a safe place….I wouldn’t recommend using headphones on a run in the city or on a trail. You really need to be aware of people around you. Recently a woman was a victim of attempted rape in Medford on the Greenway trail. Even though she heard him behind her she waited for him to pass but he grabbed her and started dragging her into the bushes. Luckily a cyclist saw it going down and called the police. The creep is behind bars now. But seriously if I hear any noise behind me I turn around….to make eye contact….let people know I am alert. I don’t like anyone behind me so I will move aside until they pass. But then I’m not such a competitive runner that I am singularly focused on my time and distance….more of the Lumbering Water Buffalo with a camera type!!

19.66 MILES THIS WEEK….YOU WOULD THINK I HAD LOST A BUNCH OF WEIGHT….but remember what I said about too many “SPECIAL OCCASIONS”? OOPS!!! That damn scale has been stuck for two weeks!!! But I always have “NEXT” week!!