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The Range Riders Museum is in Miles City. It is probably one of the best museums I have been to for the reason that it is so personal to the community. All towns have little museums but I have never seen such a community effort. This museum was a lot of work and although the displays leave little to be desired as far as modern displays. …or design in general. Probably most was done by men. What amazes me is ( having worked with displays)  how labor intensive this museum is. This museum didn’t order fancy displays and cases they built and designed everything themselves. I doubt they hired a professional consultant either. I didn’t even have time to see the whole thing and could easily go through again the things I did see! I love the personal touches and character of this museum.

They even put the brand in the sidewalk….

…with shotgun shells!

Even the rattles are not exempt!

Nor rope…

This the Range Rider hall that you can rent for your functions. The walls are covered with people that live within, I think, 25 miles of Miles City. To be in this room you have to have been born before a certain year but I can’t remember that either!

Look at all of that history!

Here are some of the photographs that caught my attention….

Each one of these is a frame on a plaque that has been painted, branded if the person had one, a metal plaque with their name and dates, and that black pipe at the bottom. Who would put a pipe at the bottom of each plaque. And each piece of pipe has the ends covered. As I said some man had to design these. I could picture my dad designing this very thing. I love them for their character and that someone put A LOT of time and effort. This was my favorite room in the museum and where I spent most of my time. I wish there was a story about each person!

More of the museum when I have time!




It was raining cowboys!

They tie red bandannas to the tail of the calves then let the kids from the audience chase them. If they get a bandanna they get money!

This young man was getting ready to ride some calf!

The older cowboys were quite protective of the young boys and when a few got scared and backed out of riding they listened and gave them pats on the back no looks of annoyance or exasperation. No expectations. It was great to see having been to a few youth sports related events recently. None of the nonsense you see in schools.

This is not an Elvis impersonator its Evil Kneivel !



More excitement from the rodeo!


I’m impressed that the cowboy didn’t flinch when the horse was rearing up…..straight in the saddle…

This was a cute performance with the clown searching for a child actor…they had to pretend they were shot!

more to come!c



The wire the young cowboy has in his hand is to try to get  what ever is on the other side  of the horse. In this case it didn’t work too well and it took three people and one brave cowboy get on and reach under. These horses frequently rear up while in the chutes-this one in particular.

This guy was pretending to be Buffalo Bill Cody….

They say a prayer to keep the cowboys safe prayers for soldiers and Country….



If there was such a thing as an adorable rodeo this would be it. The perfection is in the imperfection. It starts at 8:00pm every single night during the summer and runs until about 10 at which time you can get the autographs of the bull and bronc riders. It is quite a show with some comedy bits in between the rodeo events.

I didn’t encounter a single person who didn’t look like they weren’t enjoying themselves except for the disappointment of falling off before the buzzer. Riders also helped ready the horses and like the young men below performed rope tricks at the gates. One of the clowns paints faces and you can sit on a bull and have your picture taken (for five dollars).

The beat seating is in the Roosters Nest which is the far side of the arena there is a walk way  that passes over the pens were the bulls and horses are kept.

Even youngsters compete in calf riding.

I was amazed that cowboys are like ballet dancers warming up and  stretching!

This cowboy was searching for someone to sew the tear in his shirt.